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Given all the hype surrounding the newest bollywood flick could well be the biggest disaster of the year . Harman with his hrithik like looks and dance couldnt make ahrithik like debut. All that could go wrong went wrong with this movie which to complicate things further was released with a runaway hit JANE TU YA JANE NA.
Lovestory 2050 to begin with was complete failure because harry baweja instead of spending lavishly on the movie should have first looked for a right script to launch his son ,and a new face to cast opposite him instead of priyanka chopra. Secondly when India could not get good roads in 60+yrs of independence how can anybody expect us to believe that ther would be flying cars barely 42 yrs from now . And the film also did not boast of any good songs so what did harry think will carry this flck forward ??? Harman may still have it in himtobe the next big thing in bolly wood but his fathers dream launch has failed miserably .

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