10 years later....... (orkut a boon )

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(please skip 1st paragraph if highly uninterested in my personal life )

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I  was just  going through my old dairy when i found something very interesting , not that i write daily but when something really good or bad happens i do  like to  write about it . This habit of mine is credited to my class 5 English teacher of my school ( GEAR FOUNDATION) called Jayshree . This teacher always made us write one page narrating the days  happenings both to improve vocabulary and handwriting, from then on I write dairy but not daily.

It was a  normal English class going on when I was in class 8 and a chapter called ''After 20 Years '' was going on and  this pictured how two friends decide to meet at a certain place after 20 years and get ahead with life. And it is all about how they kept their promise and then recognize each other  as they have completely changed after 20 years . But all that is a different story here is what effect this  story had on me and how it found place in my diary:

When this chapter came to an end whole class was very emotional as we ourselves had to leave some friends on the journey of life . I was also very touched by the story, I had two very best friends in class and we immediately decided that after 10 years (since 20 yrs seemed very long)from that very date we would meet at a place called udupi garden very near to our school and all 3 of us agreed . That day I recorded it in my diary and forgot about it and it is already 5 yrs since then but I don't know if my friends remember this!!!!!

But  I don't think i would need that coz I am still in touch with my friends courtesy ORKUT and technological advancements . But well  I have a tale to tell all.

Can you believe  I was  unaware of this thing called orkut , facebook , or even blogs then !!! Strange plzzz comment.

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