sms friends!!!!

2:12 PM

It seems strange doesn't it , i mean it actually what happened to my friend in real life. I watch this show called BIDAAI on star plus and the 2 protagonists called ragini and ranvir end up loving each other without even meeting each other but just by talking to each other on phone they were called phone friends.

And well this is what actually happened to my friend she received a message from an unknown number so she replied to this person asking who she was ( assuming this person was a female) and she replied asking her who she was they desperately wanted to know who each other was so they just exchanged some fake names my friend told her name was some ZOYA and then she realized this person was actually a male Bcoz he called himself DILIP.

Now that was their first meeting( message should i say) and then they kept messaging each other every day my friend was like addicted to him and you know she tells me not a single day of hers is complete without messaging this person now and well only messaging not calling they have a pact that both of them will not call each other only sms until they fully trust each other and the day one calls it will be the end of friendship.

So after seeing this teleserial called bidaai i call them sms friends isn't that an apt name???

do leave your comments if you have witnessed something similar ,


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  1. SMS friendship has become a trend these days. People meet on social networking sites, share few scraps, exchange cell numbers and start messaging !!

    In my opinion, If someone is really looking for a long term friendship, then It demands lot of maturity to carry such relations.
    Trust is the key & that comes with time !!

  2. oh yeah ur right trust is the KEY


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