Barack Obama - new hope and a sign of relief

1:20 PM

All eyes are on Obama, who will swear in as the 44th PRESIDENT OF AMERICA on 20th January 2009. More than a million people are in town for his inauguration, Obama's innaugration is expected to mark a new direction. The expectations are high from all walks of life. But lets be realistic Obama inherits too many problems not only within the country(USA) but also the world over in the course of next four years if he truly places the US on a new course, he will be remembered alongside Washington, Lincoln, and FD Roosvelt as one of the greatest presidents. Americans and a majority of people world over are overwhelmingly optimistic about Barack Obama and are pinning their hopes for recovery from a massive economic down-trend, Obama inspires hope and optimism.
Change is need of time, and Obama is for it, The World looks on Obama for delivering the much needed change for the well being of all. Obama has already brought about change by becoming the first black President of USAObama is the Man of the Moment and the man of the moment
could well be the man of the decade. He has a winning combination of charm, youth,confidence, and flexibility. The depression has hit the world economies very bad last year.
The middle east and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are expecting a boom with his new economic strategies and policies.
We would like to cheer the great leader and wait for his actions. Wishing him good luck on assuming the Presidentship of the World's biggest economy.
All the best to you MR OBAMA
It is really a mixture of pleasure and joy to see you

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