Celebrating the free spirit of India

6:22 PM

January the 26th has always been a special day.
Though India attained independence on 15th August, we had no constitution to follow until 26th January, 1950. On this day India declared itself a Republic and on this day india was totally free from british rule. Every year this day is celebrated as Republic Day Of India and this is India's great national festival It is celebrated every year on January 26, in New Delhi with great pomp. On this day 59 years back all Indians were assured of secular, sovereign, and democratic state, which in turn assured liberty, equality, fraternity and justice to all citizens.India is facing many challenges like terror, recession, inflation etc...On the occasion of 59th republic day lets not forget our duty towards our nation. We should obey laws, say involved and informed, excersise our right to vote, work for the welfare of the nation, and inculcate spirit of patriotism.
Being Indian is a sense of pride, All Indians out there should feel very proud to be a citizen on this great INCREDIBLE INDIA.
Wishing All the Indians,... A Happy Republic Day!
Celebrate the free spirit of India
“May Spirit of Indian Republic live forever!

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