Raaz: The Mystery Continues

1:34 PM

cast: Emraan Hashmi, Kangna Ranaut, Adhyayan Suman

Raaz 2 the Mystery Continues, is a horror story with a touch of romance.The movie starts off very well and promises a grand finale. But the second half is a big letdown. It doesn’t work at all and leaves one feeling foolish at the end of an unintentionally goofy little climax. opening scene of Raaz 2 is not 5too good though the director tries hard to make it scary with blood sound effect, etc. but it falls flat.
The movie moves fast in 1st half showing Nandita's(kangana) romantic life and series of accident happening with her.Everybody attributes it to bhoot pret atma effect, but Yash Nandini's Boyfriend dosent believe in this stuff. And then you have Prithvi who knows about every accident taking place with Nandini before hand and he is the one who's gonna help her unravel the mystery truth or Razz whatever you call it, though this Razzz is the biggest letdown of the movie. Too much romance in a horror movie for a second in the middle i was afraid this is going to be a love triangle but nothing like that happened.
Emran is stylish he looks and acts very well, he was just superb. Adhyayan Suman needs to improve his acting skills even his dancing is not up to the mark in one of the songs he is dancing as if in laughter challenge making everybody laugh!!!. kangnaa looks pretty and gives an exemplary performance, but she needs to get out of the mentally disturbed girl image(woh lamhe, gangster) and try something different and just to confuse you have an extention of ‘Fashion’ cat walk and all (she plays a model in this one too)
Music and songs are good (Mahi mahi my personal fav) It is a musical hit.
There are some silly scenes as well… like the fall of photoframe in bathroom, and the greenish bhoots etc..
Overall not a bad movie worth spending money on. There are plenty of attempts to scare and this movie does succeed in scaring you at times.But if you are a Hollywood fan, 'Raaz 2' is not for you. It does lives up to the hype and expectations it created Unlike the last movie I saw CC2C. Its good one time watch
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