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Valentines Day: westernized and commercialized concept

2:15 PM

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Happy valentines day to all

I'm not a big fan of valentines day. To me it's fake, it's waste of time and money, material things are not important but this Day says that it is. But I'm sure the flower industry is happy that it's around!
I love to hate it.
I’ve always thought Valentine’s Day was a silly thing. Valentine’s Day is just a useless “holiday”. Thank God I do not have anyone to celebrate this day with.
Friendship day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, sisters day, brothers day,Valentines Day etc etc  are all  made up holidays (actually just days there's no holiday on such days) created just for sake of it, probably by gift retailers, greeting card companies, florists, chocolate companies etc... to increase profits.
I mean the person you are already with and confessed your love for him or her a 100 times and still spend money to say the same thing on this particular day. Isn't it right  to show affection or love throughout entire year but may be saying that sometimes is not possible every day.... so having a special day to take a step back from all that and focus on your lover is good too..
But but its the  huge commercialization of valentines day that I am particularly against. Ok gifts need not be expensive. A card, Chocolates, a rose, or something. But Why be told by other people what day you should do what (in this case love) and show that extra love simply because everybody else is doing the same!!!
So what do you think
If you think I am wrong then Happy valentines day to you once again and if you think I am right then lets join to boycott this westernized idea called valentines day
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