Happy and a Bright Holi - Rang barse

8:11 PM

Bura na maano holi hai

Happy holi A colourful wish on holi :happy,cheerful and fun-filled Holi to all.

Holi, one of the most vibrant and colourful festivals celebrated in India, also known as the 'festival of colours' which marks  the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Colours symbolize positive energy.

On this day sweets are distributed, colours are splashed on each other and madness there is spirit of happiness all around which is really important in this time of recession and global meltdown. Also there is too much of blood shed and terror these days so lets celebrate this festival to promote harmony.
When you think of Holi the first thing that comes to the mind is a variety of vibrant colours, and loads of fun. But today Holi like many other festivals has been commercialized. We have been using chemical colours to celebrate holi today, these colors are very harmful for our skin and our environment too. So this is a sincere request to all those who play Holi to use only natural colours.
Also the tradition of burning 'Holika' is dangerous to environment as

huge amount of wood is burnt so it is suggested by various NGOs to use

waste material instead of wood for these bonfires.
Have a happy and an eco-friendly Holi !!!

(please overlook mistakes as this post is written in hurry and I am too busy with exams these days and do leave your comments if U want to say something or think something here is wrong as I am a Muslim and don't know much about holi )

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