IPL: whom are you supporting this season n why?

5:19 PM

Hello everybody the very best thing about summer is the IPL crazze is very much on though in South Africa.
If you've read my previous post you would know i am cheering for Royal challengers  bangalore (RCB) coz  i am a very loyal bangalorean lolls!!
But just this morning my brother was asking everybody whom they are supporting this season and  i ended up getting various answers and wierd reasons too
just take this:
My brother was supporting Chennai super kings and the reason it had COOL Dhoni in it (no not me its my bro who thinks he's cool)
My sister was supporting Mohali only because it had DASHING Yuvraj and CUTE Irfan in it !!!
My maternal cousin a bollywood freak and die hard SRK KI FAN was cheering for Kolkata Knight Riders coz it was owned by SRK..

And my friends Rajasthan for Yusuf (impeccable) n warne (confident n sure)Deccan Chargers for Rohit, Afridi and Adam Gilchrist.
ok now getting back to myself though I was supporting RCB but i was not really sure of RCB's chances of winning IPL2 even after the inclusion of pieterson but yesterday's match has changed it dramatically n i now believe Bangalore has a fair chance to win if it plays the same way. Apart from Bangalore I am supporting Mumbai Indians too for i am a Sachin fan.

So jai ho RCB keep winning!!

But Every time I cheer for a team, they lose!! so this time, i am am going to support every other team which performs well too!!!
so well whom are you supporting this season and why, do tell me by commenting .

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