Add gaints:celeb endorsements and their advantage

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Our celebs (read India) endorse a number of brands ,from cars to chocolates ,mobile communications to soft drinks they are selling it all.
The most powerful and impacting brand ambassadors include SRK, Dhoni, Sachin tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Amitabh Bachan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya rai,but who is the most priciest of them all ???
Reports say that the Badshah of Bollywood who endorses a variety of brands like Pepsi, Airtel, Tag heuer,etc had earned at least four times as much from endorsements as he earned from Rab ne Bana di jodi his only movie of 2008
But Do celebrities really help a brand? the most probable answer would be yes, Celebrity endorsement can do wonders for a brand, especially in india as we are a clebrity obsessed country, India is filled with Fan following, who can forget how Sachin helped make boost a household name would that be possible without sachin endorsing it??
But don't you think adds are all about creativity, in fact most of my fav advertisements don't have celebs at all.
But well i do agree celebs definitely catch your attention and its biggest virtue is Instant Brand Awareness and Recall value.An appropriately used celebrity can prove to be a massively powerful tool that magnifies the effects of a campaign. But celebrities alone do not guarantee success, consumers nowadays are smart and understand advertising.
I remember last year there was this new SRK add which my Friend had seen n was telling me about it and i immediately felt the urge to see this add not to forget iam a crazy SRK fan too, i like waited for the add to air without changing the channel just to catch a glimpse of it, i would definitely not have done it if it was not for a celeb.
Bollywood and cricket the 2 biggest things in India n sell like hot cakes.India has always idolized its celebs, so it makes sense for a brand to procure a celebrity for its endorsement. Today, nearly twenty percent of the advertising industry utilizes celebrity endorsement..Advantages of a celebrity endorsing a Brand include Credibility, Attention, higher recall value and Mass Appeal.
Last year, cricketer M S Dhoni and Shah Rukh were among the top celebrities endorsing maximum products.While SRK most probably reamains the king even in the add world other very prized brand ambassodors from bollywood include Amitabh bachan and Aamir khan, while most preferred female brand ambassadors are Katrina , Aishwarya rai and Deepika.
Many sports persons are also preferred especially cricketers like Sachin, Yuvraj and Sania Mirza.
My all time fav adds include Fevicol – Tutega Nahi Ads, Airtel Ads, and the vadafone ones

what do you think how does celebrity endorsement impact on overall brand
Also please add ur views

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