Celebrating the Lovely Emotion called Friendship

11:32 AM

Friends bring joy and fun to our lives. true friends are the greatest blessing , there is no greater blessing then a friend who cares, understands, criticizes, praises, dependable and always there for you come what may.
True friendship never dies it lives till eternity The word friendship denotes love and affection. Friendship is as pure as dew drop. We share our secrets our friends, Our friends understand even our silence. They say, sometimes silence is the best form of communication. Our friends make us feel lucky. And surely Friends are a Treasure.
Friendship Day falls on the first Sunday of the August month which is 2nd August.this year, so on this day here I am paying sincere tribute to this lovely emotion called Friendship and celebrating the important role played by friends in shaping our lives

To all my netizen friends and friends i cant meet today
tie this to your hand

Science has proved that sugar melts in water,
so please don`t walk in the rain,
Otherwise I may lose a sweet friend like you!!!

Happy Friendship Day

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