Celebrating The spirit of free India Via Twitter!

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Twitter is already 3 years old but still there is a huge lack of Indian related trending topics
I was initially not very interested in twitter and didn't really get what the point was and was not very impressed with this new tool of networking in 140 characters . But now I am writing this post as a twitter addict.
This blog post just to describe the amazing experience i had this independence day.
Given the swine flu scare and a death in Bangalore most schools and colleges decided not to celebrate Independence day this so we had a holiday. I felt bad missed all the elaborate celebrations which marked I-Day every year but guess what it was a blessing in disguise as this time I had the best independence day ever. celebrating independence day on twitter, this was probably the first of its kind nobody before may have celebrated independence day on twitter
The celebration included display of patriotism on twitter by using twibbons and the main aim being to make #india trend .Most Indians had made it their mission to make
India trend

It all started approximately around a week before independence day when I and some other tweeps posted about our desire to make #india trend on independence day as a gift to our motherland ...That was the beginning! I started randomly following Indians on twitter urging them to use twibbons and #india in every tweet. Since then hundreds of people have tweeted and retweeted about #india actually making it trending even before Independence day i.e on 14th august.

"At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, then an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, ..." was what Jawaharlal said on our very first independence day but Indians on twitter decided that at the stoke of midnight when the world sleeps(not that the whole world was asleep in fact most of the tweeps were very well awake as it was not midnight in their part of their world ) Indians shall stay awake to get #india to trends .... n well that actually did happen (as my frnds told me especially @jerryjose7) though i wasnt fortunate enough to witness it because of rain and power cut in Bangalore at around the same time!!!
On the 15th of August the #india mania continued and almost out of the blue there was SRK also trending, apparently Shahrukh Khan was detained and questioned for about 2 hours by US immigration officials reportedly only for his name being Khan while that is all a different story what actually was inspiring was the fact that
at one point on August 15th they were 3 Indian topics trending (Happy independence, #india and SRK)

All through the day day the crazze and madness prevailed with some tweeps actually passed the 100updates /hr limit of twitter.And all the westerners were wondering why on earth was #india trending. Even after given the fact that the trending was forced there was no spamming from any tweep as long as i know while we tweeted amazing facts about India which we ourselves never knew, the India mania was sort of like having real short conversations with like minded people, and some who are not.Reading and tweeting tweets some evoking patriotism some increasing your GK some giving you links and some tweets were of course downright funny. Also taking Independence day quiz, discussing about India's problems and their solutions.
But there were people who questioned us if it was right to give so much importance to trends : firstly Trending topics are becoming a very important part of the Twitter experience, I don't care about most of the Trending Topics, but I would definitely want #india a nation of a billion heads to trend at least on its independence day.
Brand Obama used Social Media, including Twitter, to build a fan base to win the US presidential Election ; according to report 25% of those who voted for Obama were linked to him via one or more of his online networks. And for those who questioned if it was right to force the trending,and were of the view that we should let it happen naturally, please tell me how many topics on twitter are trending without force and most of the trending topics are fully forced or contain a lot of spam and nonsense.
Twibbons is one twitter application of sorts i never used but i ended up using this and encouraging others to use it too, it was such a pride to see Tricolours all across twitterverse. I was so immersed in trends and twitter that i dint bother to log in to facebook or Myspace or even check my mails
Having connected to some really great Indians tweeps(for the record let me tell you I had some 50+ mails in my inbox from Topify), we rocked and partied hard so much so
by the end of this day all Indian tweeps were damn tired and were no longer interested in tweeting for the sake of trending infact even i wanted independence from this mission of tweeting for independence itself!!

A Man is known by the company he keeps So if you are an Indian and want to be known as a true patriot then follow these true Indian tweeps:
@CruciFire @ankur0412 @d33pak @nish7x @peskyme @naveenks @TRUTH_4U2_C @Vipul09 @ManiKarthik @viveksingh @JaiHindIndians @vj1987 @yearning4d_sky @Its_INDIA @jerryjose7 @Tessa_Lucas_390 @nerissa_11 @manash_roxy @manishphogaat @bhu1st @ajaykrishna @pallaviade @souravghosh @LilAbigail87 @rohan2k @ritick @anix86 @Lucky20a @Diana_Lewis_198 @rupesh_in @prashantsolanki @punkster101 @_Devyani_ @TweetGyan @kp1200 @Sydharew @rahul_garg @suganINDIA @bansode @danishctc @Bombayrider @arjunRockz @iMBA @FreshDigits

List re edited after comment from Danish @meerasapra @KirtiB @anaggh @chiefsanjay @ideasmithy @twilightfairy @anandmisra @streetanchor @nomadwanderer @bunnymandala @shan_adhicary @OldMonkMGM @hg6789 @hiyer @gandhineha @ahmedhussain @smalltown_girl @cheth @brijesh @delhidreams @keeda @sizzler_chetan @maheshmurthy @metalsaint @ShaaqT @Spitphyre @PurelyNarcotic @punkpolkadots @zooni

Also a special mention to my Pakistani tweeps ( @Jamash @shamilakhan @justmuneeb @taalz @farhanmasood @ali360 ) on august 14th when Pakistan celebrated its Independence day, India and Pakistan were competing with each other but it was nothing sort of a rivalry as the hash tag #indopakpeace was also doing rounds congratulations to them too to make it to the trends
As a pessimistic thought I would also like to add the fact that #india of course could never make it to the top of twitter trends LOL!! also I am perfectly aware of the fact that making India trend on twitter is no big deal and it will not solve any problems of our country, we have other serious issues like illiteracy, poverty, swine flu recession and the list is endless But still there is a sense of pride for making it to the trends like every achievement of an Indian .
(BTW, Trending Topics are the Top Ten topics people are talking about on Twitter, tending Topics list reveals the brands or topics that are accelerating on Twitter and for those who don't know what twitter is then well all i can say is you are missing out on a lot of fun go right away and register here and join the troop of maniacs )

{PS: If you see that I have missed some names in the above list please leave a comment or @me on twitter also if you are an Indian twitter user but did not participate in the Iday mania then you are still welcome to join the fun leave ur usernames below}
This post in a way describes how twitter has changed my life forever, twitter is one of the best things that could happen to the Internet. and It's addictive, isn't it?
If you are on twitter n then follow me:
Also note this post is prepared in a hurry and i may have missed a lot about the Independence day excitement feel free to share and express your thoughts and point out if I missed something important..
May the spirit of Patriotism prevail on Twitter
Jai Hind
jai ho !!!!!

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