ITs INDEPENDENCE DAY, It's August, the month of Unity

9:54 AM

It is more than 63 years now that we achieved Independence from the British rule and today our country stands at power with US and UK We are competitive enough to face the world. Yes India has its short comings, there is poverty, illiteracy, recession, global warming, swine flue, racial and religious differences, terrorism, and so much more . but we have learnt to fight against all odds.
we have more reasons to be proud of our country then not to be if India has its negative then tell me which country is perfect, so today instead of talking of about corruption and malpractices rampant in Indias lets be positive and talk about the spirit of being an Indian. Every single achievement however big or small makes us proud of being an Indian,Be it when we win a cricket match or AR Rahman winning the oscars, or abhinav Bindra winning gold at Olympics or even when Nano is launched, the sense of being Indian and achieving great feat is evident but tell me which country doesnt
We can proudly say we brought the IT revolution
We Indians are tolerant, optimistic people and we have a never say die spirit. we have a positive frame of mind and we never give up do we ??We are unique and we are different and we feel a sense of pride calling ourselves Indians
Today is a special day lets not forget the sacrifice of great men in giving us this freedom, lets use our independence wisely lets prove that we are also independent in our actions too, Let us all work together to make our country a superpower.
Happy Independence day to all
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Jai Ho
Jai Hind

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