Wanted: Salman back with a Bang

11:59 AM

Movie review

Cast:Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia Azmi, Vinod Khanna, Mahesh Manjrekar

Director :Prabhudeva

Producer :Boney kapoor


Just saw wanted last night and have to say Salman R-O-C-K-S right from the word go ….It was very contending to watch a good bollywood movie after a long time , especially after the hollywoodish Kaminey which defo was not for me, I hated the violence and the genere too but Wanted is also action packed but it does not fail to impress me.

Excellent movie full on action family entertainer perfect bollywood masala flick. If salman impresses as a hit man Ayesha takia is good too. Salman playing a gangster Radhe who works only for money bhai and there is Ayesha who plays chalti phirti cocaine jhanvi, Mahesh Manjekar playing the lusty bad cop all impress, acting wise the film is good

Wanted being a remake of a Telgu hit film Pokiri is a perfect film for sallu to silence his critics and now he is definitely back with a bang… Though I haven’t seen Pokiri and I don’t even watch too many south flicks but I still feel this feel has a south Indian touch thanks to the director Prabhudeva who does his Bollywood debut with style and great perfection.

Wanted has all the elements of a hit film very good mix of action, romance, comedy, great songs superb choreography and a mind-blowing climax too.

And if you want comparison I place ‘Wanted’ on par with Ghajini and Om shanti Om. Its a very clean movie with some good scenes to look forward to like the one in the train between Ayesha and salman, the one where the international Don gyani has been arrested by Asraf khan and is not allowed to sleep n when gyani tries toi escape only to find himself in a boat LOL!!! But some scenes are too childish like the one in lift where they talk about Vicco..

The end result being you surely should not be missing this one especially if you like south Indian movies or if you are a Salman fanatic. But if you are not into hardcore Action please avoid it.

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