Akshay kumar

Blue:doesnt live up to hype and hoopla.

6:56 PM

Director: Anthony D'Souza
Genre: Action / Social / Thriller
Star Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta,Zayed Khan

(note: may discourage you from watching the movie )
Blue ..........
To make it short blue lacks script, has no intensity n highly predictable fails to keep you glued .
The under sea treasure hunt, the bike chase or race, Kylie and the concept of Blue gives the film an international feel.The music is not too good but Fiqraana n chiggy wiggy stand out
I would recommend you to watch discovery channel and for stunts i recommend you better watch Dhoom.
Akshay delivers another flop, kylie minogue was good but not enough for the titanicish blue from sinking.. lara was hot, and katrina what was she doing in the movie ??
Some one joked on twitter that soon doctors will be recommending to watch movies like kambhakt ishq and BLue instead of sleeping pills and now i agree 100 % with this i felt incredibly sleepy all through the movie and me and my sister spent most of the time nudging my bro for forcing us into this movie of all (all the best ,main aur mrs khanna, wake up sid) .
BLUE has style and incredible star cast too, visual splendour of the sea is captured well.
All in all its a big disappointment,Watch it if you're a die-hard action freak like my bro who forced me into this .......
if you really want to watch then watch without expectations.

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