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Obama n his nobel win

5:18 PM

President Barack obama was awarded the nobel peace prize this year apparently for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," !!!!.
My first reaction when i got this news on twitter was "for what !!!!" Well according to me its a bit too early for him win the nobel prize.
Ok before u get it wrong i am certainly not an Obama hater ... i love him seriously, i had made a post congratulating him on his presidential win, but what the hell he won for what, he was 2
weeks in office when he was nominated (nominations ended on feb 1st). I guess obama won the nobel peace prize for great campaining!

My question is Who is next after Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize --Osama?
Isnt this ridiculous and embarrassing for the Nobel peace prize, does it not degrade the importance of such an honour ?

If Obama refused to accept the prize then
That would be the honorable thing to do

Ok forget lets talk about fun.... this afternoon the whole twitterverse especially twindians had great fun discussing obamas nobel win and here are some of the very funny tweets please leave
comments if i missed yours n ill add it too
@viveksingh Obama winnin d Nobel Prize is lik Rani winnin Oscars 4 her role in Dil Bole Haddippa...
@zoooni how about lalit modi being awarded the nobel peace prize or better still mayawati !!!
RT @rohan2k this is nt fair.i was sleeping n u gave nobel prize 2 Obama.*ok everybody rohan is awake,tak d prize bac frm obama* reply frm zooni
@chiefsanjay I heard even Michelle said "WTF" #Noble Peace Prize
@Neefty @zoooni It seems the Noble peace award had taken out any piece left in you. For that you shall be recommended for Noble Rage Award.
@zoooni:NASA plans a violent blast on d moon while d president of US is awarded 4 Nobel peace prize
#funniest RT @chuck_gopal I nominate my electrician, Mr Nilesh Pandey for d No-Bell award.He's yet 2come n fix d ringer.
@zoooni: who do u think is a better contender for nobel peace prize ? osama for being xtra calm n non-violent this year !!!
@kirtitandel @zoooni Rajnikant gets Nobel prize in Physics 4defying all laws of physics (& common sense) in his acrobatics(#mumbaimirror)
@damarlaprashant @zoooni zooni , how about considering our raakhee sawant for ' nobull ' prize... lol
@gadyepstein: Maybe the Nobel committee just thought it would be really cool to meet Obama?
@zoooni: President Obama wins Nobel peace prize n has he completed atleast a year in office .. or was it a spellin mistake OSAMA was it?
@jainnimit: I think I deserve Nobel Peace Prize more than Obama! I AM SERIOUS! What has he done for peace???

Ok all of u done with reading with this post of mine, Wait until next year, when they give the Nobel Peace Prize to the one n only "zooni"!!!
Iam nominating myself as i think i deserve it more than obama lol!!
please leave your comments telling me ur wacky choice for the nobel peace prize
and please vote for me!! next yer that is

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