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5:48 PM

Oh well my exams on and I just realized I haven’t blogged for quite sometime now and this idea of sharing my exam experiences came up and I just could not beat the temptation of posting it now ....

Here I present to you some things I think are funny on my way to crack crazy papers

  • Week before exam 1st thing I do in the morning is tell myself well today I am going to start studying and well why is it really nearly impossible to study on the day you actually PLAN to do that ?? Anything more interesting crops that very day. (BTW yeah I know anything is better than studying)
  • Study Time table……. Aah well don’t never ever make that coz at least i never follow them !!
  • Why on earth do I feel sleepy just by 10: pm the day before exam, when I can sit and tweet till its 12 : am on the other days !!
  • Why Does the TV always have my fav movies running just the day before my exam !!
  • I watch movie in PVR the weekend before exams, and one starange thing i noticed is all good movies release when my exams visit me !!
  • After Iam finished watching a movie or if I find the movie boring (boring in the sense uninteresting ….. more boring than studying !!) I text my friends asking if they started studying and well most reply saying they haven’t !! my true true friends they are !
  • Twitter gets more and more fascinating (or is it monotony of exams which makes me feel so :?) and before I know an hour or so is lost tweeting (not that i mind it !)
  • And well whats with this one freaking friend of mine who calls to ask doubts, . She really makes me panic I mean she ask me doubt in chapter 7 or 8 when iam still stuck up with 3 rd one !! Aah ok her call does make me concentrate more but well she is a pain ...
  • Ok In the morning of course exam do make me get up early by 6:am and I am really amazed at how much I can study in that short period (6-9 am) almost the double of what I ve studied the day before
  • I mark some pages telling myself I will be studying this when I reach campus well fully knowing I just cant do that coz all I do when Iam there is chat away about what is difficult and what may come what may not, how was the movie , what type of correction this lecturer does etc etc…
  • One friend inquires me how much I studied and stuff and when I tell them I saw a movie and dint study well they tell me not to lie coz I said the same thing last time and ended up getting more than all of them !! (how freaking is that now i swear i watch movies and tweet before exams so what if i get highest n stuff)
  • And well there's this girl who gets least of them all, she tells me she dint sleep all night !!! OMG I mean no sleep still miserable marks, ok may be she was awake, but not necessarily studying!!)
  • And well I tell you this week with exam just does not get over seeming longer than eternity, except in the mornings time flies when I am actually seriously studying this is when I hope time ticked of a bit more slowly
  • Before the exam Someone asks me an answer to a question which sounds like greek to me ….. I just tell her its not important I dint even touch that part forget it , and well guess what 90% of the time that particular question has to crop up in my question paper so I can spend 3 hours cursing myself for not looking for the answer when i could have easily done that !!
  • And this crazy papers always seem to know what Ive studied best and all 10 markers are from what i haven't studied well and all 1 markers are on topics I can write pages about !!
  • Cheating : chits I never take them, as for copying from others well nobody around me seems to know the answers I need help with !! so better keep quiet and write how much I know lol
  • And yeah additionals what’s with these people who stare at me as if I was caught red handed cheating every time I call for an additional, and yeah one friend of mine who is writing exam in the same room is like remembers accurately how many additional I have taken when I myself forget the number !! (girl i mean dont you have better stuff to do in the exam hall concentrate on your paper aur mujhe nazar mat lagao!)
  • When iam out of the hall and tell my friends the paper was difficult they ask me not to lie apparently becoz this friend of mine has told all the number of additional I have taken (does number or quantity actually matter!)Oh well iam actually surprised at how much i did type in here lol , but well what I mean to say is life's tough and exams are tougher and now iam in that stage so better get going and start studying….. ofcourse like all tough times this will be over soon and then no more late night studying, stress and panic ..!!
After all this ill defo be happy to have survived the week . Wish me luck and do share your exam experiences here are they similar or different if so how ???

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