Veer: Salman makes it work

1:32 PM

Casting: Salman Khan, Zarine Khan, Mithun Chakraborty and Jackie Shroff
Director: Anil Sharma
Rating: **1/2

With all the hype surrounding veer i must say i was disappointed ! Everything about the movie is
terrible except salman ofcourse .

The sets are grand, costumes superb (especially the royal ones worn by zarine) too many war and battle scenes, i would say watch it if you like gladiator or troy every time there was a sword out my bro was highly excited.

Salman looks amazing he should be given full credit for being brave enough to have done a
period film which doesnt seem to click these days and i cant imagine any other actor as veer salman alone could do justice to this movie, zarine looks pretty and resembles katrina in most of her scenes, sohail adds humor .

Music is great especially salaam aya and surili ankhiyon wale but i feel this track was overused.

Story could have been better, length could be shorter.
Watch it for salman.

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