Google the Royal ruler ……….!!!

12:18 PM

Today people spent major chunk of daily precious times on net. And what do people do online? Apart from all the professional stuff, people spend time ganging up for mafias, watering farms, writing on walls, following people, fanning pages, scrapping and bla bla !
Search is an important part of web. Google rules the search engines market share and anyone challenging google’s dominance is also out of question leave alone displacing it. Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing tried hard but still haven’t found desirable results and the reason? People aren’t yet ready for a shift from googling to yahooing or binging!

As if the dominance among search engines wasn’t enough google now wants to rule every minuscule of world wide web space. They want to be a leader in social networking too. Google’s networking site Orkut which wasn’t anyway popular is found to be loosing market share to big wigs facebook and twitter, not withstanding the dominance Google integrated the Buzz an intelligent social networking tool into Gmail. Buzz as far as I know isnt too popular and well giving competition to biggies facebook and twitter is out of question at least for now.
This Google’s new found love for networking comes from the fact that social search is gaining popularity. People are increasingly using facebook and twitter to search for latest news and events. Facebook is trying its best to end Google’s rule and how? By partnering with Bing. Google’s acquisition strategy has played a big role in its rise to top and almost every feature of google are free or very economic to common man along with being of high quality so well no ones complaining.
Networking isn’t the only place Google wants to rule, Google wants people to use its very own browser, operating system and smart phone too. The Google browser Chrome is very popular (and good too no doubts) and the smart phone the nexus one called the iphone killer. So who is on the Google hit list Microsoft, Apple, facebook , yahoo, twitter and many more . Google has a good eye at its rivals must say and why should they not. Every net user uses Google to find and share things so no one can have a better watch on trends than Google themselves.
In a bid to make waves google also launched the very critical WAVE which well according to me wouldn’t last a day if not for its use by invitation only caption! As competition gets stiffer google still rests in peace do you think the monopoly is good?

Google maps, calendar, chat, video chat, youtube, adwords, picasa, reader, adsense, docs, blogger, etc etc … Google is doing it all!
Oh well Am I criticizing Google a lot too much? May be!
Well I guess is should stop now what if google bans me from using their search engine……………….
Aaah can’t imagine I would better be dead………..!!!
Google rules me it sure does!
Happy googling to You to me and to all those who use Google!!
By the way waiting for the day when people will be Binging, yahooing or any other new dash dashing!! After all Rulers don’t last for eternity…….

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