Unusual ways ive used my Nokia

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Nokia is my fav brand when it comes to mobile phones. Many will argue that nokia is no longer the king and blackberry and iphone etc.. etc.. but iam very loyal nokiaite and ive used many nokia phones ( express music, n95, n73m and n97 mini trail) .

Here are some simple and quite unusual ways i have used my nokia mobile:

Emergency scanner: I had won a prize in online contest and had to send scanned address a nd ID proof my scanner wasnt working and it was the last day submit proof or i would lose my prize, so just used my n73 to capture a clear picture of my electricity bill cropped it and mailed it ! viola i have my prize in my hand now (ipod)

Find out if your remote is working: i Read this somewhere and try it sometimes when my remote just doesnt seem to respond

place your mobile phone camera in front of the remote control's LED press any button and see if light flashes on the camera , if light does flash the remote is working infrared rays show up on camera but not on naked eye.

short video BTW my remote is working...

As a magnifier : I have once used my nokia cameras zoom feature as a magnifier too! Not real good but you can try it for fun.

Keeping track of dates: I forgot the date when i purchased my new MP3 player, just then it struck to me that i had taken a photo on my nokia when it arrived so i looked up in the photos and found out the day it was captured! Nyc and unusal use right ;)

To do list reminder: when you write down things you need to do for the day just take a pic and save it as your mobile wallpaper or screensaver you'll never forget a thing!

one of my wallpapers some time back

As a mirror: This is quite easy and common on nokia device select use secondary camera option ( the front camera) apply lipstick, check for your hair and stuff, works great on n73m

Nokia cum flashlight: Power cuts are a normal thing in india. I was going out at 7 one night and was searching for house keys just that very moment the power was bling bling .. GONE! i was getting late couldnt search for a torch or candle, so i just used nokia as flashlight ... works well if u have your wallpaper as white or lighter colour along with high brightness and contrast enabled.

Nokia as a webcam: You can actually use your nokia cellphone as a wireless webcam. There are many application available which will allow you to do this. I haven’t tried this but my friend has and it works well for her. You can use usb or Bluetooth to do this and many free and paid applications are available for this.

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