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India is a vast country with different cultures, traditions, religions and languages . There is no other country as diverse as ours, and to maintain unity in such varied diversity is a problem. Having a common language for communication could have simplified the problem , but hindi our national language isn’t understood and spoken by all. So to overcome the language barrier here is my app idea to app developers the mTranslate.

The mTranslate app can translate spoken words in one Indian language to another Indian language instantly. This app can be very helpful for frequent travelers and thereby helping in building the unity of our country .

I derive the idea for this app from the hindi movie chandni chowk to china where in Deepika padukone uses a small technical device to erase lingual barriers and instantly translates Chinese to convenient hindi .

I don’t know if such apps exist , but the idea of clearly understanding my tamilian neighbor without having to take help of a third person fascinates me. This app would be very valuable for Indian users and will suit best for mobile phones and give a whole new meaning to what you call as smartphones.

To practically have a nicely working mTranslate app would be very difficult and have various problems too.The problems may be due to vast vocabularies a language has, grammar, dialects, slang etc. But this idea isnt completely impossible at least in this age of high level technical advancements .

such an app would have great importance not only in india but throughout the world, it would us a true global village where in everyone understands each other !

Translation through a technical device will obviously have accuracy problems but when compared to the benefits it offers, these errors are negligible.

My cousin frequents countries like china, turkey and Taiwan, all the time on his tour , he is accompanied by a native translator who translates stuff for him. Would an such as mtranslate help him ? Loads i say hail technology for making life simpler!

Having an app which can translate spoken voices seems to be a better idea than promoting English as an universal language and trying to make it absolutely essential o learn English. This way local languages and heritage can also be preserved .

And what about movies ? I depend heavily upon subtitles every time iam watching telugu movies ( i watch loads of them these days) and I haven't seen some quality telegu movies only because i couldn't find versions of them with subtitles. mtranslate an app which can allow you to watch movie irrespective of language, wow iam thinking too far eh ? lol

So lets wait and watch if an app such as this actually comes up, and if it does how successful would it be in solving India's communication related problems.

waiting for the day when Star trek type amazing translator will be in my hand, on my very own phone (gets dreaming )... till then Google translate you ROCK :(

This is an age where Blackberry and Apple are more than edible fruits, so impossible is Nothing and dreaming is good !

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