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On september 27th 2011 google turned 13 years old .. a teenager! Lets hope this teen keeps hormone under control !

belated bday wishes to google , and a special thank you for helping me with my assignments! on the eve of its 13th bday i saw a tweet which said

The only thing Google has failed to do, so far, is fail.

what a way to wish the search giant , but hey wait a minute hasnt google failed on the social networking front? Right from orkut to Wave to buzz all have flopped big time. the all new Google+ by far the most ambitious and desperate attempt by google has generated a lot of initial interest especially thanks to their invite-only access, but hasnt the buzz died down?

well i did sign up to google plus after i was sent invites by my friends tried it for a wekk and then well i havent visited it yet!

Reasons iam not too interested in google+

  • no time: post on twitter , fb and g+ uff so many networking profiles to maintain ! wasn't life so much easier before when we Indians were hooked only to orkut! lolz. BTW iam still waiting for that perfect app which can integrate all 3 networking sites and simultaneous posting of status updates in simplified
  • None of my friends are on it!: Yup even after sending repeated invites none of my real frnds are on g+ yet. Oh forget g+ most of my friends are yet to embrace twitter !
  • facebook killer: another reason g+ doesn't interest me so much is the fact that it is fb killer and iam not such a huge fb addict anymore! I think g+ is better than facebook but twitter ? may be not ! atleast yet

Its not that i have completely written of google+ , maybe someday when my real friends are on it ill enjoy it more.
things i love about google+
  • photo sharing: Photos shared on g+ look amazing and if you use picassa then this is just for you
  • conversations: twitter sucks at conversations coz you cant bundle tweets together and so g+ rocks
  • hangouts: This feature is by far the best ! even facebook copied it and copied it quick lol
if youve still not tried google+ , then well i suggest you give it a try and its open for all now :)) here's how you can master google plus !

so whats your verdict on google+ ?

my gplus id :

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