BOLLYWOOD Definitely lives up to the hype

12:34 PM

Saw yesterday ... And well it impresses me.

review: ***

review as an SRK Fanatic :****

to be frank has its share of blemishes but you cant deny the fact that this movie takes bollywood to new heights . Being one of the most ambitious movies ever SFX impress you to core but same cannot be said of the story.


-Action sequences were done nicely with perfect sfx finish

-SRK is convincing and fab as shekar and kareena also does a good job at acting

-chammak challo, criminal, dildara... awesome music and kareena looks great's suit

-anti smoking campaign. nice i like it!

-Don2 trailer ... it just leaves me craving for more of SRK ! waiting for xmas

-Armaan as prateek makes a fab debut and his cool long locks make him cute :)

-entry of into real world chasing , the cars chasing blasting stuff was awesome

If you want a perfect film well this is not for you! And in any case you better stay away from bollywood if you did not like coz bollywood has nothing good to offer at present. ! trulu is better than bodygaurd, ready


-Script. Bollywood has everything to compete with hollywood the only 3 other things we need is good scripts, good scripts, good scripts!

-Arjun rampal's screen time ! was he even present in the movie? id ad him to the list of cameos along with sanjay, priyanka and rajni. Arjun Rampal was good but there was so less of him.

-konjum konjum condom jokes! should have been avoided

-the cameos by priyanka, sanjay and rajni are not needed at all and take the story nowhere. The cameos by priyanka and sanjay are just not a good start for the movie

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