If i had two extra hours a day , i would tweet away!

5:40 PM

Dear Time, please show me how you fly!
I often wish I had extra time in my day. I imagine I’d use it to spend more quality moments with my family or do some yoga and relax, or just lazily sleep off.

But but come to think of it honestly i would perhaps actually end up spending every second of my two extra hours on twitter! Can you imagine the number of tweet i could post, read , Retweet and reply to in two hours! wow!! just the thought of it make me happy :D

Last November i used to be a big fat twitter addict and it was affecting the whole pattern of my life offline so in December 2010 i made this new year resolution to set things straight and get the balance back into my online and offline lives

MY resolution was to get deaddicted from twitter! and for the first time in my life i actually kept a resolution! oh yes i almost got deaddicted ! i so wish i had not made that stupid resolution , coz twitter is a passion for me..

All through this year ive tweeted so less, always worried ive been missing on so much here are my twitter stats from

Twitter is terrefic technology and ranks right on top on my list of favorite social networking sites specially because it limits the bullshit to 140 characters . Twitter keeps convos sweet , short and to the point, it redefines the meaning of Wit. The best part about twitter being I can be myself , tweet my mind out . Be rude, be controversial, but be me the REAL me.

Twitter is my source to breaking news, page 3 celeb gossip, platform to incessantly rant, seek advice, a make shift IM, replacement for sms jokes and quotes in short its my window to the world.

Now i mostly catch up when i really have nothing else to do! it is no longer an addiction of sorts and that bores me , to an extent that well iam considering reversing my last year's resolution. come jan 2012 I will make this resolution of getting readdicted to twitter and make sure i keep the resolution and for that ill have a plan A, B and C or even a plan Z! yes iam that desperate! or maybe twitter is that hip . An ipad or a playbook from indiblogger would only help my cause ;)

Also being a twitterrati, killed the blogger in me! If i had those extra 2 hours i would tweet (micro blog) and may be a portion of it be spent on blogging!

Iam so looking forward to 2012 .. to get myself a new resolution and to join the twitterverse in full swing, pop into a controversial discussion and tweet away . Eternal Bliss.

Here's how some of my twrnds would spend their extra 2 hours

An ode to Twitter

Meeting new people,
spreading my wings
Getting advices,
Trying new things
Quick and random thoughts
A universe of ideas
Of trends and hype
Adding color to life
A crazy, crowded party
Twitter is the New poetry

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Long live Twitter !! and to all the stains on clothes Surf excel - daag aache hain !!!!!!!!!!

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