Twitter's sucky ReTweet button! Go manual!

4:05 PM

If you are using twitter and tweet from web i.e then you'd know about the retweet button and how much it sucks!

Firstly twitter does not give me an option to edit a tweet before Retweeting . This is such a fail. Arent you supposed to explain why you retweeted a particular tweet ? or just add a +1 or -1 to the RT so you can show you agree or disagree with a tweet. I misss adding a tiny bit of commentry like #awesomeness or cool .

I Shared the tweet, i discovered or rather found that tweet in my busy timeline so dont deserve proper credit? Twitter undermines the retweeter by giving tiny credits :(

I tried retweeting a cool tweet about a month ago only to discover protected tweets cant be retweeted !!! Fair? no !

If someone retweets you using this button you will not know ( coz you dont recieve @mentions) untill you visit your tweets retweeted section! how lame. who anyways visits this section? Also if you retweet someone , the someone will not know bout it instantly and you miss a "thanks for RT type of complimets and frankly who does not like compliments ! heck

Sometimes im like who is this stranger in my timeline only to discover the tweet was retweeted by a person iam following!

So well all i wanna say is ive had enough of this button and from now on ill RT the manual way , the way we did it before that button came into existence of better still try using third party apps like tweetdeck because twitter is all about building relationships and that is not what that sucky button promotes.

Trust me the manual Retweet takes time but is totally worth it!

Tips to manual Retweet

-copy a tweet , remove the name of user from betweena dd an RT @ hit tweet!

-if you have issues editing a tweet (so it can fit into 140 chars) then Add MT (modified tweet) instead of RT


@powerd suggests I use @tweetfilterjs

visited the site installed the extention for chrome and it is pretty impressive! viola classic rewteet without having to use 3rd party apps . give it a try twolks.

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