My share of Sunshine

6:20 PM

Summer ! Yeah summer is here ! So whats so good about that? Heat, sweat, tan, dehydration, power cuts.... but there are positives too, holidays (for student :D) , water parks, mangoes and more. 

Aah mangoes remind me of slice and the sizzling katrina's aamsutra ad! Katrina looks so sensuous and chick in that long flowing mangolina dress and not to forget her skin flawless!

And then this summer in the exotic locales of Thailand was i relaxing on a chair not daring to step on sand while the sun kept getting brighter every minute. I was accompanied by my kid sis tash (who was out in the sand busy building sand castles). Reading Agatha Christie, yeah such a bore i am,  i love reading specially in such dreamy locales, should start concentrating on real mysteries of life!And then sizzling lakme diva,Kyra entered the picture. she was wearing a sleeveless bright yellow dress which stopped mid-thigh looking as ravishing and flawless as katrina if not more all in all she looked delightful. And well if i did find her delightful doesn't mean  I have to be the 'Other" kind! And to top it all her honey coloured eyes bejeweled with kajal spot me and she was walking in my direction.

"can i have some water" she asked
"umm , i dont have water but help urself with slice if you please" i replied handing her my slice bottle.
"yeah thanks , that will do" she replied
by now tash had dashed towards us in lightening speed demanding an autograph from kyra. Kyra occupied a seat beside me siging a 100 rupee note for my sis .
"You are really beautiful" i said
"make - up" she winked
"No! you are looking so fresh and dazzling even in this scorching heat , how do u manage that ?'' i questioned not able to contain my delight any longer.
"oh that, its all thanks to lakme sun expert , apply 30 mins before heading out and you are all set to enjoy a pocket full of sunshine" she replied rising up to leave

And next morning i brought myself lakme sun expert and joined my sis on the beach to get my share of  sunshine accompanied by my hat and sunglasses. While Agatha Christie lay ignored in my room .

Sing along

OOOOh yea yea yea 
I got a pocket, 
Got a pocket full of sunshine 
I got a love and I know that its all mine 
Oh, oh 
Do what you want, 
But your never gonna break me, 
Sticks and stone are never gonna shake me 
Oh, oh 
Take me away
A secret place
A sweet escape
Take me away
Take me away 
To better days
Take me away
A hiding place
I got a pocket, 
Got a pocket full of sunshine 

This is an entry to Lakme Diva Blogger Contest.  visit them at:

(everything here is a work of  fiction! dunno why i added katrina and her aamsutra ad , but mangoes really do remind me of her and her fetish for mango slices )

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