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8:21 PM

Not been blogging for like ages !

But indiblogger coupled with shopperstop and festive looks have tempted me enough to post!

I love dressing up festive, weddings  Eids and all things Indian ! Superkool times to flaunt my traditionally overloaded wardrobe or better still head shopping ! :D

I love dressing up for festivals and weddings coz then its all about bling and overload and being Over the top  is all excused 

Shopping can be tiresome but well why fret Online shopping is a boon. Shopperstop has some real cool stuff loaded on their online site and its traditional and festive collection did amaze me!

Kashish Long Kurta, Salwar and Dupatta Set: It long , flowy and the chiffon dupatta seals the deal! plus the colour colour adds to the festive feel! I prefer this anarkali coz its extra long allowing me to stay in my comfort zone while i conveniently skip wearing a saree or lehenga

Haute Curry - Ladies Footwear: I lust this pair, it has a jooti like feel and goes so well with the dress, matches perfectly with the dupatta and is easy on my feet unlike the KILLER heels!
Elliza Donatein Clutch - IREXCL : it’s elegant and simple and since this dress is devoid of bling this clutch will work brilliantly adding bling for the festive touch!

Fossil - Womens Watch - ES2946 Super chic watch. <3 p="p">

AYESHA - Sparkling Bow Hair Sliders : side swept hair held by this pair clips to dazzle all

Infinity Bracelet Collection : since the dress is sleeveless i wanna add this bracelet :) (actually wanted some metallic or glass bangles but well bracelet will do)

Pretty Women Earrings - 1528-145 : Iam skipping the necklace coz this dress really doesnt need it with that V neck, but the pair of dangling cute butterflies give it a girly touch

Lucera Crystal Ring RF16528 : statement ring is my fetish! cant skip

All that coupled with my attitude I know all eyes are turning on me already !!!

Super loved Shoppers stop's collection Id love to loot off so much from this site! But but missed bangles yaar! i so wanted to add bangles to my look :(

This post is for the contest "Shoppers Stop Perfect Look" held by Shopper Stop at Indiblogger.

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