Dream Job

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What is your Dream job? Now this aint a interview where you answer with logics and stuff so take it easy and think about something you love to do and wished you got paid for it?

Like Dreaming… I mean who doesn’t want to Sleep and dream and to actually get paid for it would be super awesome nno ? But but that is too lame a thing to wish for. But coming to the not so lame dream jobs for myself here is the list .

Social Media: My favorite one this. Addicted to twitter having tweeted some 30k tweets  I sometimes wish I got paid for every tweet of mine :-D. Jokes apart my dream is to manage any Brand’s twitter page. This is actually a very achievable dream but since social media involves Facebook too iam not too keen into taking this up. I want to TWEET only no facebooking. Sigh ! I Know I can be quite difficult , But don’t be surprised if I take up this as a career in future coz I really really love social Media! Addicted actually!

Make Up Namer: I don’t know If such a job exists or not, but having been addicted to make up for quite sometime now and reading names to the endless shades of lipsticks and stuff makes me want to grab that job. I mean Just Imagine Getting up daily going to work, being surrounded by make up.. loads of make-up, trying the shades and coming up with quirky, short names . Isnt that cool? Uber cool I say!

You know what actually makes want to do this job? These Make up companies who don’t name their cosmetics and come up with shade numbers (Inglot are You listening ? Just hire me . I can already think of some very wow names for your refills!)

Travel : This one is inspired from the latest movie I saw “ye jawani Hai Dewani” . Travelling the world over and some one else not only pays for your travel expenses but you also get paid for it. Vaah Life ho to Aisi ;-)

RJ: This I always dream of when stuck in a boring traffic jam and listening to Radio one.. All you got to do is chat away lol  and being girl I can master that art . No need to make youself look presentable and all, just gossip and some flirt  and talk with callers , come to think of it these guys get paid to have fun . Don’t you think so?


So tell me What is Your  dream job?

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