Lessons learnt from a Candle light...

11:19 PM

Summer .. don’t we all look forward to Summers ala juicy mangoes, sunglasses, flip flops, ice golas and sunscreen. With all this comes the Extended earth hours , I mean the power cuts. On one such night when the power was gone and I sat in candle staring into the orange of the flame doing absolutely nothing!
And that is when I realized we have so much to learn from this flame of a candle

Orange flame Burning upwards,
Guiding me to aim high n fly like a bird

Engulfing Darkness by consuming itself
Encouraging to drive evils away from within myself

Light always travelling bright in straight line
Inspiring me to follow the path of right and shine

The flickering flame spreads equal light to all
Sending message to break discrimination barriers so tall

Flame has power to destroy along with its mystical glow
Never judge a book by its cover it shows

Light is always seen as a positive force,
Removing negativity wherever it goes

All this I have learnt from the flame of a candle,
flickering in its wake, fighting life’s battle!

And now Candle and me , we are quite the same,
We are out to spread easy going optimism but not tame.

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