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4:11 PM

I read This quote somewhere about 2 years back
“ To Blog is Human ,
   To tweet is divine.. "
Back then I was a healthy mix of a blogger and a twitteratti.. before  I slowly migrated to being a twitter addict, giving my blog a step daughter kind of a treatment. Many blogs have been killed all thanks to twitter and the 140 Character limit… . I find difficulty in concentrating on stuff lengthier than 140 characters.
Frankly  speaking twitter is very addictive, has oodles of wit and charm, and is less time consuming, also the response to a 140 character is quicker, sharper than what would be achieved on a blogpost.
But but iam now bored of twitter, You will know that already if you are following me on twitter, coz my tweets have decreased in number and I am eyeing my return to blogging for quite sometime now, ive realized with right kind of connections, marking and promotions (do I sound like a pro now? Smile with tongue out) blogging also can be fun and  So with this post yours truly announces her arrival to blogosphere with Bang!
Twitterverse still will get my time coz all my blog posts need promotionWinking smile
So get set for some hard core blogging, though I admit it will be quite a task to make my posts lengthy, thanks to twitter addiction… !

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