Changing My Blogger template...

1:40 PM

After having the same Icy Blue blogger template for ages i have finally decided to give my blog a makeover..

Having chosen this template after a rigorous search for the right sweet blue template back then, letting it go has not been an easy decision :D. This template by Skincorner was so girly and fun and most importantly the my favourite shade of blue (i love Blue , did you know?) But well  Iam classically bored and lets face it Blogger templates are so much easier to work with !

so Here's to Change , coz only Change is Permanent (cheesy i know!)

snapshot of my old template

This new template by blogger(or is it Awesome Inc. template ?) i have chosen also has some shades of blue (crazy me, i know) But you know what i dont really like changes, especially to the near perfect things like twitter (i hate that twitter keeps changing its navigation, design and trends) so You never know i may just revert off to my older templater faster than Usain Bolt!

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