Limeroad.com: Wishlist

8:05 PM

I came across this awesome, women only social commenrce platform on twitter. I spent a better part of my week discovering some fabulous stuff on this site. The collection on display is vibrant, radiant and thoughtfully hand picked, and what sets this site apart from other ecommerce  sites in India is its social touch.
This site allows women to discover, share (on facebook) and shop. It also has a cool scrapbook feature which i super loved
Mixing and matching is such a breeze on this site, and whats more you can share stuf on facebook, get opinions of your friends before you buy the look. Now isnt that so much better than going physically to a mall with your gang of friends?

Go raid this site if you already havent! A treat to window shoppers Smile)

BTW could Limeroad please allow people to window shop without needing to register on their site?!

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