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TV Talk: The Void and a new Beginning

5:25 PM

Once upon a time Television interested me, i indulged in the fight for remote to take control with my bro. All this for one show Iss pyar ko kya naam doon? (IPKKND) or maybe i was just obsessed with Barun Sobti or the fiery chemistry  sanaya Irani and Barun sobti shared on screen. 

When IPKKND ended (because barun sobti wanted to foray into greener pastures namely bollywood) I was shattered, it left a void in my life. I had nothing to look forward to when the clock struck 8:00 PM . TV was no longer interesting, my search for a meaningful, show with a touch of romance had begun. This was almost nine months back and my search for that perfect replacement for IPKKND is still on!

Shows i  unsuccessfully tried getting hooked onto these nine months:

Madhubala, Ek ishq Ek junoon:  This colors show was the most obvious replacement for IPKKND , it had romance, some dashing young leads, mills and boon type of story. But  but the intensity lacked, the male vampire lead couldnt display emotions and the story took too much inspiration from IPKKND, even the dialogues were same but lacked intensity which was p[resent in IPKKND and moreover everyting of this show reminded me of IPKKND  (same writer writes for both shows) Bad Option!

SarawatiChandra: This star plus show had all elements of being a blockbuster. The grandeur which comes with the name Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a well known female lead, promising male lead, a classic story , but all that was only on paper. The truth is Bhansali was never involved properly with this project and the half baked stuff churned out was jarring to say the least. But i did follow this show hoping for improvements but the premarital sex scene was enough to drive me away to never return . !  (you actually have to see the marigold flower scene to know the height of absurdity this show is)

Qubool Hai: Tried , and i really tried hard to watch this zee TV show but Karan Singh Grover drove me away! HE is grown old and it shows. period.

Chanchan: This sanaya Irani show on Sony was not my genre. But i was starved. I wanted to see sanaya and barun sobti. Since it wasn't possible i went on to make myself happy with watching sanaya only. But this show made me cringe, not that it was too bad or something , but the fact that Sanaya Irani had made This choice made me go all bonkers! I quit it in a jiffy. 
My stint with chanchan left me cursing Star Plus for not going ahead with Is pyar ko kya Naam Doon? by replacing the male lead! I so miss this show.

This month almost 9 months after the end of IPKKND star plus decides to launch a baby named ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAMM DOON - EK BAAR PHIR
The Promo is nowhere close to being promising and it is pretty obvious Star plus is trying to use the popularity of earlier show to drive viewership. But iam all for giving this show a chance Hoping against hope that this show is at least half as good as the original IPKKND. The show has been on air for a week already and i will watch the episodes on youtube before i give my verdict on this.

Any show recommendation for me? plz do drop it in comments.

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