Yahoo! 'Recycling Email IDs ?!

6:34 PM

A week back i discovered that Yahoo was taking the going Green Mantra a little too seriously in a crazy way and set out to Recycle unused email addresses and re-release for registrations. ! 

This discovery i made after i tired logging in to my mail ID which i rarely use but is my very first mail ID and so is of great importance. To my horror Yahoo popped this error to me!

This recycling announcement was made in july it seems and i have conveniently missed it (was i living under stone or what?) yahoo was my first mail id  before i migrated completely to Gmail. So obviously i never checked mails and there was no secondary mail address associated with the account and i never received any warning message! Although iam so sure i have check my some 6 months back . 

But i really want this email ID back so i tried signing up with same ID and it popped ' ID unavailable' error. When i did that it was August 12th , when Wishlist were open so i put up the ID in my wishlist.
Now Yahoo said they will mail with the details to claim wishlist by mid august and it is already 20th August and still no mail form yahoo!

Security concerns with regard to Recycling IDs aside i had some credits associated with that mail ID and i so want it back ! Damn you yahoo!

Update:  As i had mentioned about adding my id to wishlist, yahoo sent me a link telling me my ID is available to be claimed and i have claimed it. Peace!

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