A Fragrant Travel Back in Time

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“I wont be impressed with technology until I can download fragrances.”
Press Conference,September 2013
Apps simplify downloading of e-books, songs, videos and what not.We are assembled here to attend the launch of a revolutionary app.
The Worlds first fragrance app. The ambiFragrant app, this is a fragrance app which allows you to use your phone like a perfume. Just download the app and press spray to feel the breeze of innovation knock your senses away.
what is it?
ambi 1
Have you ever just wished to travel with all your favorite designer perfumes, but dropped the idea behind fearing breaking of the fragile glass bottles? Ever wished to smell the memories of your childhood? Ever wondered What if there was an app which had all fragrances for you to download?  Now This Dream is a reality.
The AmbiFragrant app first of its kind and the only fragrance app, which allows you to download your favorite fragrances directly on to your smartphone and spray when you desire.
How does it work?
The working mechanism of ambiPerfumer is like buying of  digital audio songs online. This compact app allows you to buy any number of fragrances you want from the ambi fragrance store and use it to activate the emission of fragrance from your phone as and when desired. The payments can be made using your phone card or paypal.

What kind of fragrances are available?
Currently the ambi store has 2 sections
  • The designer perfume section: which has a stock of some 5000  designer perfumes which include Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klien, DKNY, Chanel among other for people to choose from
ampi 2
  • The nostalgia section: which houses the priceless smell of memories like smell of mud, fresh paint, petrol etc..
This app will be available to download for free and we will also be providing 10 free downloads of your choice of fragrances (of 2ml each) for app trail purpose.
For more details refer the FAQ section
The idea of this app sounded so much fun. I had to try this app and now!


Which fragrance should I try first? Designer no way! I am never one of those who is brand conscious id better try the nostalgia section, This app was a genius , with each fragrance from the nostalgia section I got a whiff of my childhood, reminding me of some priceless memories from my childhood. This app was actually a Time machine which transported me back in time.


Aroma of an Indian Spices: The exotic colors and heady aromas of spices, reminding me of my earliest memories of food, the south indian delicacies my granny used to prepare for me .. the crackling of rye and curry leaves for daily tadka wafting in the living room. The piping-hot sambar , steaming idlis and paper dosas. which granny served on banana leaf.
Mehndi: The fragrance of Heena brings back memories of celebration. Eid has always been incomplete without application of heena on hands for  us. Me and my sisters applied heena on Chand raat and waited till morning until we scarped off the heena staining bed spreads and PJs in the process and during this time mom used to feed us of her hands because we couldn’t eat with heena smeared hands. Also mom had this big fat dot in her palm because she was too busy to have designs applied on her palms
Then there were those high on excitement Eid mornings which involved scraping of the green mehendi flakes to real orange-red patterns as we sisters compared the colours deciding who had a darker shade of red on their palms.
Then there were these mehendi competition in  my college which I never missed taking part in, because I was  quite an expert at this art of carving intricate patterns on shaking palms. I even won many times.
Mehendi also brings back memories of my elder sister’s big Fat indian wedding. The night before the nikaah when my Jiju’s name was inscribed on my sisters palms but we weren't feeling even a bit of happiness because the impending biddai was on our minds, that is when we decided to cry our hearts out so we had no ters left for the D-day and so make up would stay put .

The smell of fresh paint: This smell is like  Heaven on Earth, All those memories when I cried because my dad got my pink walled room repainted into purple one, the times when we got our house repainted for my elder sisters marriage.
Petrol: The smell of petrol is pure heaven I love it too much. I remember those days when my brother sceretly sneaked into the garage when dad was asleep and flogged some petrol from dads car into his bike. Dad never found out, but the scent of petrol drove me to garage and I used this secret to blackmail bro to get things done .
Smell of Burning Wood: Reminds me of powercuts.The bonfire lit in my backyard around which me and my bro danced our own inventory african dance like crazy maniacs, until the power was back ! We had loads of fun scaring each other at nights during power cuts with bhoot voices.
Smell of Freshness in a dew drop: The smell Reminds me of the early morning in cold chilly winters of bangalore when it was  freezing like crazy and everything was still and quiet and I headed off to my early morning tuitions classes before my board exams. The feeling I got was very relaxing and exhilarating at the same time and studying at this was such a breeze, everything I put my eyes on just got itself saved in the memory of my brain's hard disk.
This also reminds me of those total TV bans we had during exams in our house. No one had permission to watch TV just because i had exams.
Smell of Sunscreen: Reminding me of the long summer vacations, mango eating contests we siblings used to have, also the long visits to my grannys place, Sleeping on Terrace ,Counting Stars,Listening to stories from Grandma...What else is Life!
Desi Ghee: As the smell of faint ghee hit my olfactory I reminisced the smell of frying of ghee from mom's kitchen for garnishing yummy gajar ka halwa with nuts and raisins.! Its was breathtakingly divine ! No other chef can be as perfect as mom. Her formula for super yummy food never failed as she served it with seasoning of love.
reminding me of mom ka pyar, the extra dash of ghee mom put in my dal tadka because I had returned after long  educational trip, saying “kitni dubli hogayi meri beti” and damn all diets I was licking my hands and demanding more and more, all this while my brother jealously looked on demanding attention from mom!  I always complained that mom a little partial to my borther but these were times when both mom and dad were showering their love and care on me and bro bechara yelled saying “ Even Iam home, Did I turn invisible or what?”
Ghee also reminds me of those days when mom was away and I was bored of maggie at the same time was too lazy to cook and just ate rice with Ghee, gheebhaat as I call it.
Mom ke haat ka Khana. Divine. Period.
smell of marker pens : The drawing of moustaches and walking around the house singing "Mera Rang De Basanti" chola…. I once asked my brother to smell a marker pen and when when he was doing that I drew a moustache on him, Epic Prank Open-mouthed smile. The permanent marker pen mark was such a pain to erase I got scolded for it for two whole days from mom and dad.
smell of freshly ground coffee: Taking me to my trip to scotland of India (coorg), with my siblings every evening rains cover this place, and I can never forget the crazy dhoom dance we did  at the musical fountain here .The fresh, calm pollution free Oxygen the enchanting smell of Coffee from the estates in Coorg, a deep inhale and sigh, contentment!
Just when the travel down memory lane was getting interesting. Message flashed on my Screen
ambi 8
Nothing can jerk you back into a memory as quickly and powerfully as fragrances. and I was enjoying this ride bdown the memory lane so decided to buy some fragrances

Smell of Fresh new Books: After long summer vacations, when school reopened, the heavy huge bunch of books which we got home. The times we spent with mom binding books with brown paper to make it last long look uniform and boring! The labels I stuck on the front cover and wrote lass and subject in a very neat handwriting. Bliss.
The brand new harry Potter books in which I immersed myself every time a new book released.I read the books in the span two to three days never putting it down. It is a pity the excitement is no more, Now I have this empty feeling, no more harry potter books to look forward to. But this fragrance of new books reminds me of those special nostalgic memories
The smell of fresh crayons:
As I child , opening of a fresh box of crayons, was a total joy affair. Me and my brother used to colour barbie and pokemon sktches together from huge crayon sets (some 64 colours) and abandon them as soon as they grew blunt. We always demanded new ones refusing to use the sharpeners!
The scribbles I made on walls of my house and then got scolded from mom for spoiling the piant. (To think that today we love writing on Walls , Facebook walls that is!)
All those boring exam timetables I made from coloured crayons just to add a dash of sash and break monotony, which I used to stick on my almarih
Candles: The fleeting aroma of wax and grey smoke rising from those colour ful little sticks on my bithday cake as I blow them out to cut my cake and make my mom taste the yummy chocolate cream, all those gifts, hand painted Birthday cards, Surprises, Party with rasna, playing passing the parcel with friends...perfection.
Baby Powder: The smell of my childhood reminding me of the pampering I was subjected to as a child. I used to fall asleep on the couch, watching TV and used to wake magically in my own bed, nicely tucked in. I miss those days!
The smell of Sea: The salty smell and sound of tides makes me come alive, it is awesome never waiting for anyone. telling the tale of Time and tide wait for none. Those golden memories were a thing of past.
Ginger: The ginger  tea mom made for me when I caught cold after after purposefully wetting myself in rain.
Ginger also reminds me of the spinach pakodas my mom made in rainy evenings.
All these weren't just fragrances they were scents of love !
But I noticed the nostalgia section had some really smelly (in the bad sense) scents too. Options ranged from smelly socks, to garlic (eeks) to spoiled milk. Who wanted to smell these things? but well this was The nostalgia section for no reason.
Spoiled Milk: I downloaded the spoiled milk smell, just to try the not so good smells, also because it reminded me of those careless days when I forgot to heat the milk and in the process spoiled it, but just the next moment I was cursing myself for downloading it! It quickly reached for the Ambipur air freshener in my cupboard and tada… the stench was gone ..

After a minute or so when i was brought into the present it hit me, damn i did not have to take the trouble of going to my cupboard i could have downloaded the ambipur reshner on my Phone!
This marvel of technology would take time for me to get used to it :D .

A fragrant app is what I would call Innovation of true kind and this post is just a way to put my imagination into action. Already today my phone is my calculator, alarm clock, internet connection, MP3 player, GPS, camera, camcorder, ebook reader, phone book, calendar, and flashlight who knows maybe some day my phone will be my personalized fragrant tool too!
(idea inspired By google's April fool prank called Google Nose)

This post is written for Smelly to smiley contest by  Ambipur (link to their Facebook page ) on Indiblogger

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