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My Future shopping Spree

11:48 PM

bay1I stared into my webcam for a good 10 seconds, as ebay’s personal shopping assistant ePal showed up on my screen, while the voice over announced my successful signin into
''Hey welcome back zooni’’
‘hiya pal’
bay 5
"What brings you here today Zooni? All your past purchases have been delivered. Any complaints? Returns or more shopping?"
"More shopping, Actually I need your specialist services this time around, theres this engagement of my second cousin and I have to, have to attend it , no chance of respite coz well Ive had  a fight with mom and this best chance of reconciling with her"

"Hmmm go on"

"So, ya a traditional muslim ceremony it is.Suggest me some looks"

"ok, gimme access to your google search history and ebay purchases, pinterest and wishlist history"

"Tada , here you go these 2 looks , which would you choose?"
bay14ebay 13

"Damn they are so blingy pal ! Id look like a bride myself , btw it is just the engagement not wedding. I want something light, comfortable yet appropriate for the event."

"Ok gimme 30 secs"

"Ooookay here you go! Choose one from these 2"
bay 14bay 15

"This is some list to choose from.. I like that red and black anarkali, goes well with my attitude and yeah that’s that! Shop that complete look for me, Oh wait  I have the similar type of watch,shop the look except the watch."

"Ok Zooni you are needed infront of webcam to enter the virtual fitting room to take your measurements. Oh and please switch on the lights so we get your exact size"

"Gimme 1 minute I'll peel off this face pack and be there."

"cool till I then I'll put together  make up for you which will go well with this look and event.."

"Here I come … Take my size, BTW iam hoping I havent grown fatter from the last time I shopped."

"Good news twoons you’ve  grown some 0.236 centimetres thinner than the last time you shopped which is 6 days ago. Which in layman terms means you havent grown fat or thin either."

"That’s great"

"Ok another good news your sizes are available, now lets look into the Magic Mirror for make up ?"

"I have all the basic essentials I think ill just a coral lip colour and some peach blush to it."

"Revlon has launched this new collection and the shade corollista is a pretty coral, try it on magic mirror."
"Wow it looks so yummy on me! Add to cart!"

"Anything else you want to add to cart Zooni?"

"Yes, I need a gift for the couple"

"What do you have in mind?

"Nothing in particular, I don’t know this cousin very much . so you suggest some thing under 2000 INR"

"Ok there is this Deal of Day with a massive 53% off only for today on a Digital 3D photoframe which is perfect gifting material. Have a look "

"Looks fun, Add it to cart and checkout now"

"Your order total is 13000 , on a bill of 14999 you will get 10% cashback wanna add some stuff?"

"Well in that case lemme shop grocery and essentials."

Fetches Siri on my iphone20 to give me a list of messages my electronic appliances have sent me

"Whoaa that’s some list iam sure my total will go more than 15k ePal. Shop ‘em all  for me"

"Ok zooni your order totals 15320 INR with Free shipping."

"I want to opt for Express robot shipping , because the party is at 6 PM tonite . I will Sue you if you don’t deliver on time Open-mouthed smile"

"lol okay express shipping done, Even express Ebot shipping is free coz your order total in excess of  9999 INR."

"That’s cool"

"Please imprint your fingerprint in the biometric scanner to allow access to your bank details. PS: We don’t save your imprints."

Imprint done.

"what about My cashback ePal."

"That will be credited directly into your account within 24 hours of delivery of your order. And your estimated time of delivery is 3 PM IST."

"Would you like to share your shopping on Facebook?"

"Yes I wanna update my twitter too, take me to twitter siri"
bay 9

"Ok ePal time to signoff was fun using your services, You are so much better than those nosy sales assistants these retail outlets have!"
"Lol I can Imagine. Thank you for shopping with us zooni hope to see you soon"

2hours later

Beep on mobile

At the party
"Wow that shade of lipstick is a marvel I want it! If I could just capture of the girls lips without her knowing !"
Siri: that is chambor Flowing lipstick in rose garnet.. wanna add that to your wishlist?

‘yes and bookmark reviews of this lipstick so I can read and decide about buying it!’

Trends of 2030 I imagine:

Virtual Trail Rooms: Cutting down those numerous visits to trail rooms, these virtual tiral rooms are a life saver. All you have to do is stand in front of the webcam while technology takes your measurements and finds clothes in your sizes. Alternatively you can upload you photo online and see how a dress or a colour looks on you before shopping it. Thius eliminates most product returns saving costs for ecommerce sites
Download Products: Atm type Machines which dispense products on demand. I enter cupcakes scan my bank details with the biometric scanner and viola cupcakes are dispense out of this machine . Howzaat?
3D printing: Special 3D printers which print whatever you want on demand. Print clothes, food or whatever you want!
Magic Mirror: Which allows you to try on make up products without actually putting them on. This allows you to try hundreds of shades of lipsticks without using makeup remover even once!
Mobile Wallets: Cash will soon turn obsolete as plastic money and mobile form of payments get popular. Using your mobile number which is linked with your bank account as a mode of payment or biometric scans for payments is what the future would be like.
Spot and Shop: Apps on smartphones which enable people to take a photo of an item someone is wearing and search online for where they can buy the item.

Slang is used in this post intentionally,because I imagine 2030 to be that way!
All Pictures hashed from google and photoshopped to suit the topic. No copyright infringement intended
This post is an entry to contest hosted on indiblogger, check out their latest marvel of technology, the ebaycheck app

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