Review: LipIce color, Naughty Orange

4:07 PM

  • Quantity: 2.3 gms
  • Price:  INR 200
  • Shelf life: 3 years
Packaging: This tinted lip balm from lipice is packaged in a fun magic wand type silver casing with stars, while the cap is plain white. the balm shut tight with a click and is great to carry around in your bag.
Everyone seems to be smitten my this peach-orange-coral bug these days so I brought this colour my lips orange and moisturize them at the same time. But but disappointment! On my pigmented lips the color barely shows up. On the moisturizing front it does its job well, and a gives a pretty subtle creamy sheen to my lips.
I use it over lipsticks to give a glossy finish or alone when I want to add just a little sheen to my lips
The goods:
  • Beautiful sheer orange with subtle barely there shimmer
  • Moisturizes lips for 2 hours
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on lips
The inbetweens:
  • 2.3 grms for 200 INR .. too less quantity ive finished more than  half of it in  a month!
  • Shimmer. Some may not like it
The bads:
  • colour doesn’t show up on Pigmented lips
  • no SPF protection
Verdict: If you have pigmented lips avoid it, if you don’t then go get this beauty!

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