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My best friend Maya, a mom with a 7 month old baby is busy keeping her home spic and span, making  it smell wow always. But with a baby around diapers, smelly socks, dirty clothes and all the other awful stuff is a given and keeping her home smell fresh 24*7 is a ninja job.She had tried many natural ways like agarbatti, roasting cinnamon and more to make the house to smell good but nothing relay lasts  all these natural ways have their cons.
When I spotted the ambi pur air effects fresheners while shopping at Big Bazaar I was reminded of Maya telling me about her smelly house woes. That when someone enters her house the first impression, the first smell has to be serene but this is not always possible with visitors dropping in frequently to meet the baby.  I quickly picked a pair of these fresheners and added them to my shopping cart with intention of gifting one to Maya and one for myself.
My Friend who met me almost a month after I had gifted her this freshener was thrilled with my gift, she said I had made her Motherhood a calming and a scented experience.
Motherhood is a wonderful experience but at the same time it is terrifying coping with new responsibilities. A new Mother actually really needs some scented gifts to clear the air.  Sweet Refreshing scents can enliven moods  and have a soothing and calming effect. I am so happy I made this thoughtful choice as a gift to Maya, keep  breathing fresh in my gift Winking smile
Maya was telling of this incident when her mom in law had come visiting, and the little one had soiled the entire bed making the whole room smell yucky and with one pump of this spray Maya had transformed the room from smelly to smiley and ambi pur had left even her mom-in-law impressed.
My experience with the spray :
The variant I picked was vanilla and lavender and I had a pleasant and happy experience with this freshener. The scent was packed with freshness with a hint of lavender and it wasn’t too overpowering even for my sensitive olfactory cells. The freshener does what it claims, i.e fights bad odor and freshens room in a jiffy.
I loved the packaging of this air freshener which has a propellant style dispenser which releases the spray in misty form.

  • Quantity: 275  gms
  • Price:  INR 220
  • Shelf life: 3 years
The goods:

  • Mild refreshing fragrance
  • Easy on the pocket , you get a huge quantity for the price
  • Classy Packaging especially the propellant dispenser.
  • Available in 5 variants ( blossom & breeze , Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, Sweet Citrus & Zest, Spring & Renewal and Linen & Sky  )
  • Easily available both online and offline .
The bads:
  • cant think of any at the moment
Verdict: All in all Iam pretty impressed with this product and recommend it to all, it does it job of driving odour away to release happiness and freshness into the air, at a pretty affordable price tag. These are available on Flipkart too, go grab them.
This post is an entry to Ambi Pur Home Range contest hosted on Indiblogger in association with Ambi Pur India

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