Best Friends Forever

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I snatched my mobile from my 5 year old Nephew’s hand. He had partnered with my niece and sneaked it without my knowledge and was trying some bizarre things with it , I gave him a chocolate instead and  placed a small kiss on his satin soft cheeks . That flawless skin, that naughty innocence it all reminded me of my childhood days.
Childhood is never complete without carefree attitude, pranks and friends. Friends that we make at such tender age  have stronger bond and are cherished forever.
I am lucky to have found such a mirror in my Life, Maya. We have known each other for like forever and still reach out to each other when in need.  When Dove came up with their guessing game initiative on indiblogger I knew which friend I to try this Face test on! After all we had done so many whacky experiments of life together this was just one fun thing to do. Time to ring her in. fr2  #DoveFaceTest
After my Call to Maya I sat down to unpack my Dove hamper which was sent to me by indiblogger. DSC00139
As I unpacked a waft of fresh soothing fragrance filled the air, it was enough to drive me down the memory lane.
I and Maya had shared so many memories together, most prominent of these memories when we laughed at stupid little things until the stomach hurt, just like those laughter shows judges laughing like horses on stupid senseless jokes.  Maya’s laughter still jingled like music in my ears.
We were no Mother Teresas at school infact we were graded brand A pranksters. Once a guy at class seemed to have too many doubts and constantly kept asking questions to the teacher. Fed up of his behavior we pulled his seat as he stood up and Darn, he came crashing down to floor while sitting. Open-mouthed smileWe were branded partners in crime and stuck together like fevicol. We both were quick to stick to each other when groups of two were made for various extra curricular activities. We had this Mehendi competition and she chose my hands to draw intricate patterns we had such a blast silently chatting and giggling while sketching heena on hand infact maya went ahead and drew a tattoo of sorts on my ankles.By the end of the ordeal we both had heena stains on our uniforms and faces too. But alls well that ends well, we won this competition for innovating and trying out of the box stuff. Talk about Luck. Open-mouthed smileWith Maya around school was never boring, Id never once though of bunking like children these days. Sharing Each others Lunch boxes was a ritual we religiously followed. Maya was of the opinion that My mother was  a master cook she enjoyed north Indian delights in my tiffin while I loved all those south indian delicacies Mays mom packed. (North south ki Hogayi dekho sajyedaari?Smile with tongue out
Apart from being school mates we were also neighbors, and this gave us more quality time to play, gossip and have fun. I remember playing teacher teacher in summer vacations. Both me and maya used to be teachers while we assembled the bacha party gang  in our colony to play students. We loves using the dark painted wall of Mayas house as blackboard and some old school books to give students homework.Those days Teaching was synonymous to sari clad women and so me and Maya never played teacher without wearing a dupatta like a sari. We’d the most colourful and fancy dupattas from our moms closet to try this act.
We even played with Dolls, but ofcourse who doesn’t. We used sketch pens to do makeup for our lovely already-laden-with-makeup Barbies. It was super fun, Using the red sketch like a Lipstick, the black sketch like a liner and the pink one like a blush and the maroon one like a sindoor. Sindoor, that reminds me we even had Doll Marriages. Id asked mom to get me a male doll specially for this purpose and we had  a grand Indian wedding. The bride doll wore a sari stiched from the matte cloth we had learnt embroidery on in school and we even had a  baraat arrive from my home to Mayas place this cool  small chips+ biscuit+ pepsi party to mark this union of souls.
We even tried makeup from Moms make up pallete smearing each other with  mascara and blush powder we looked no less than wild clowns. Once we ended up  using lipgloss on the eyelids like an eye shadow it was a crazy wild show. I even tried Cat walking in Maya’s Mom’s High Heels. it was such a roit the heels were oversized for my tiny feet and sky high too. Me and Maya tried this crazy Cat walk wearing one heel each with the other leg bare .  Ofcourse we tried all this absence of our parents and were quick to clean the mess up and keep it  secret from parents.
Playing Ghar ghar was the most common thing we both did together in summer vacations. I had this set of miniature kitchen utensils in which we kept already cooked food and play cooked it on play stove . We even played doctor doctor . Using old headphones like a stethoscope and giving out gems instead of tablets and using a scale like  a thermometer.We even used moms scarves like bandage for arms. Damn all that sounds so na├»ve now but we were weaving memories together. 
I remember all those days when talked about our hopes, dreams, boys, grades , travelling and so much more. What I like most about Maya is that she never judges me infact both of us will judge other people together :D . There is nothing like a good gossip session with a friend. Even today when iam stressed and all drained all I need to pep my mood up is a skype call to maya.
Now this Guessing game has me all excited, because for one iam getting an excuse to meet up with Maya and we can Discuss all those topics from Dhoom 3, Ranbir kapoor to Dove!
This post is an entry to #DoveFaceTest contest by Dove in association with indiblogger

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