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Ive stopped reading movie reviews from a year of so because reviews spoil the whole movie watching experience for me revealing almost the entire plot except the ending which is pretty predictable in most cases! What I do is just see the movie rating and some twitter 140 character reviews and decide whether I should watch a movie or skip it.
While searching for a review for the movie Raanjhanaa on twitter I discovered this very interesting movie review by vigil idiot. The review was actually a comical spoof  highlighting all the shortcomings of the movie innovatively. Then when I explored the site further I found interesting funny spoofs of many other movies I had already seen .
I was so entertained by the reviews that even today, first thing after watching a movie I head to vigil Idiot to read his take on the movie. Though iam not really a fan of  all od vigil’s spoofs especially the Chennai Express one (you know how biased iam to SRK n all that ) but this man does his job well.
This is a Still from Vigil Idiot’s Rockstar Review.. His version of Nargis fakhre made me laugh like crazy!
If you havent discovered Vigil Idiot yet thank me  and rush to read some reviews , if you havent enjoyed a movie iam sure you will enjoy atleast vigil idiot’s take on it.
BTW Vigil Idiot is Sahil Rizwan is a 25-year-old freelance, follow him on twitter here
Currently Vigil Idiot writes at Mumbai Boss
Some reviews Of Vigil Idiot I super loved
Ye Jawani hai diwani

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