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Movie Review: Dhoom 3 or Boom?

8:02 PM

After seeing  Dhoom for the first 20 minutes I was like shouldn’t this movie be named Chase or something! But my brother said that “this is Dhoom it will have stunts, dint you know?” Ok that is probably the problem! This dhoom had  emotional angle too which no other editions had. All I liked in this movie was Uday Choapra and his dream sequences, sensible and real everything else was so over the top!

I guess I was disappointed a lot more because I had expectations. And why wouldn’t i? Wasn’t I watching The Perfectionist Khan’s movie ? Aamir On his part does put his heart into the role but his short figure is no match to villains of previous editions of Dhoom . But Aamirs superb acting in the second half in the double role is what makes the film bearable.

And damn What is Katrina doing in the movie? was she even there? She looked so fabulous in all her parts, it is a pity she was used like a cameo.

From the story point of view Dhoom had so much potential but was not capitalized right.

The Yays:

  • Aamir khan’s acting. he maintains his standards in that department.
  • A good script which has suspense element in it.
  • Good cinematography, visual delight.
  • Katrina in Kamli and malang. What a perfomance.

The Nays:

  • Super lengthy stunt sequences. Bore.
  • Comical entry of cop jai
  • Climax.. So predictable.
  • Music.  Malang is the only saving grace in this movie

The in betweens:

  • Jai-Ali banter is so bland. They don’t even have romantic angle.
  • The story inspired form “The Prestige”

With all its shortcomings this movie still entertains, So watch it atleast once. Make sure you go in with zero expectations.

Rating: 3 /5

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