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What do I look for in a website?
Well the content really is the key for me, but with millions of website offering similar content on the world wide web I do have my preferences
What I look for in a site
  • Blog Loading Time : Some websites take ages to load and this frustrates me to hell, this specifically why I hate flash on websites and use the flash blocker tools on my browser. Slow load speeds offer a terrible load speeds
  • The Design:  neat and crisply designed websites always do the tricks in keeping me engrossed for a long period of time. Websites in White or lighter colour tones which are easy on eyes are a winner. Also when it comes to design I prefer websites which place their ads smartly without being too in your face for the reader, I know Ads are necessary to keep the income flowing but great placement can do the trick.
  • The comment system:  I love sites which have facebook, discus and google+ integration in its comment system, so I don’t have to sign up for commenting. This allows for easier commenting and conversation in the comments. When I visit a site again and again it is a given that I will start commenting regularly soon.
My favorites website is http://makeupandbeauty.com/ This site has so well organized, loads in a jiffy, has all essential stuff arranged in the form of tabs, while the side bar offers all essential make up swatches and to top it the colour pallet is so easy on the eyes. To add to this it isnt even Ad free . I love this site and keep visiting it daily mostly for their awesome make up reiews but I have to agree their presentation is fabulous too
Another website (or rather a forum) I cant stop visiting is http://www.india-forums.com/ It has huge content but everything is super neatly organized , also the admin takes feedback from members for better user experience.
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