Review: H2O Lip Mender, Hydrating Complex

1:41 PM

My first product buy from the brand H2O plus  . This brand was quite new to me and I was introduced to it last year when I was window shopping on The Product is quite good ,packed in slightly bigger tube than normal lip balms come in  this colourless balm gives a minty feel when applied on lips, But The price is where the biggest con of this product comes in. This product doesn’t really offer much except healing and cooling my lips and there are so many other lip products which do the same at a lesser price!

Price: 520 INR (from web, I brough it on discount)
The Goods:
  • Moisturizes and heals chapped lips, does its job well.
  • Travel friendly Tube and easy application
  • Minty sensation
  • Colourless & odourless, can be used under or over a lipstick
The Inbetweens:
  • Packaging , I find it boring.
The Bads:
  • Pretty Expensive for a lip balm
  • Availability may be an issue
  • parabens… Ive heard they are bad .. Lol I don’t care though!
Verdict: Well try it if you are a lip balm Freak or the Indian market has a variety of options!

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