Tablets and Me!

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When I saw Tablets Entered The arena in 2011 , it was supposed to Kill netbooks, replace your laptop, make life easier and what not. For all I cared back then, tablet  was more like an oversized  phone which has a bigger screen, in short I cant fit it in my Jeans.
But my Tech Freak of a bother was bamboozled with this new marvel of technology. He brought one right away. He convinced me Tablets arent a bad idea by giving me following reasons!.
  • Tablets can be used like a external memory drive
  • Because tablets are feather light and compact they are more portable
  • In the field of education it can make school bags feather lite,ebooks rock (they mean lesser paper and lesser trees being cut!). Plus tablets are cheaper than latops or netbooks so every student can have one.
  • The Big screen size makes for great video watching experience, Also bigger screen means better web browsing, Social networking
  • Video calls and conferencing on the go experience is better with a tablet
  • Tablets Up The coolness Quotient Of a person (Bro said all this)
Soon bro was  a proud tablet owner flashing away his shiny new tablet and its geeky features.  The Tablet came with the movie 3idiots preloaded, all excited I, my sister and bro Sat down to watch the movie on the tablet, It was all well and good in the start but as the movie progressed , the experience went haywire. To start with there were several beeps meaning battery was getting low and Bro had to catch the tablet in his hand for the entire length of movie, that day we missed a tablet holder or a dock terribly .
Bro Still remained a tablet fan boy but I was unimpressed , I found no need for a piece of technology which would give me hair pulling experiences, Id wait until it had more advanced designing and features…
My dream tablet requirements:
  • It should have an inbuilt tablet dock or holder
  • It Should Have dust and dirt resistant (repellent) display screen! (for use in Kitchen)
  • Never Ending Battery… Maybe Auto charge mode via solar rays cells
  • It should Come in Vibrant Colours , preferably candy pink, or better still it should come with 12 different colour covers to match my dress daily and up my glam factor
  • It should have Keys.. yes Touching is sexy and all that but I Damn Hate it. I still prefer real typing keyboard for writing!
  • Sturdy , atleast as sturdy as nokia 3310
I was happy with my laptop and phone and Until I saw this stunner of an ad on TV.

I wanted a tablet , no not a tablet, not any tablet, I want the yoga and now! The yoga which is the worlds First Multimode Tablet giving me flexibility along with Fabulous design and stylish looks .
How would I use it you say?
Video Watching: Being a Couch potato is so mainstream , iam a Bed potato, I watch all those dazzling videos on my tablet  in the cozy comfort of my bed on Hold mode. Also I hate Watching TV on TV in the living room, because I have to fight for The remote, Always. Between Bro’s Cricket and Mom’s TV sagas  iam stuck Thank god I can now stream all my TV shows on this gadget Id prefer the stand mode when iam in mood for some hands free video watching .
Cooking: My mom would love this gadget if it could tech me to cook. And teach it sure will! My mom keeps complaining about my anti kitchen DNA, She is worried I cant cook anything except stories. But now I will stream all those Yummy recipes right on my Kitchen Shelf … The stand mode is a Boon here. Imagine me an Armature cook with tablet in one hand and a ladle in another Hogayi Cooking ki mummy daddy ek!
Music: I LOve Music. without my music, I wouldn’t be me. I start my day with music and end it with it. Now with the Yoga tablet and its great audio quality I can listen my fav tracks on the go.
Battery : Battery problem you say? Havent you heard of the stupendous 18 hour battery life of The yoga?  All these smartphones made me do this Stupid thing of looking for charging points everywhere I go. even on a train I was charging my phone! Not anymore coz a #betterway to Life is here.
Gaming:I may not be a gaming freak like my brother but I like to try some games just for time pass. Or when I have skipped my Gym sessions I like to take solace by playing Temple run and telling myself ive run enough for the day ! Damn and I also want angry birds therapy to shoo my temper away.
epaper: I like to Read paper on my tablet and go green, It is easy to hold because it has magazine type curve on the  side Smilealso id love shopping Online
This is an entry to #BetterWay contest on indiblogger sponsored by Lenovo. For more information on the Yoga Tablet visit Lenovo India on Facebook

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