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Wishlist: Bling Fest, Party Mode

6:24 PM

When I was shopping On, I spotted their sequins and studs section on home page clicked it and Viola Bling fest on display.  I super loved almost everything on this page. Everything so perfect for this season of celebration but alas so imperfectly price Sad smile So I had to add ‘em all to my wish list. Sigh , sigh.


Cappuccino rose gold toned Clutch: Too much Bling in there , but Iam  a fan of bling so come to me you twinkle pie.

Accessorize Antique gold crystal studded bracelet: I Love Bracelets, Iam a hoarder, iam loving this and wanting it like NOW. I will own this soon.

That dress berry gold Toned necklace is great to prep up a simple dress and make a statement.

Carlton london gold tone pumps: <3 This pair would go well with almost all party wears, Both ethnic and western . and they are wedges. More Comfort. More love.

Ayesha Black gold toned Necklace: Is quirky and fun and is priced just Right. Why is it on my wish list anyway? It should be on my shopping cart!

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