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Recharged hair for a Charged me

9:30 PM

My hair My pride .. They need to shine they needed the radiance , they need a recharge.
I have always been a fan of luscious long silky black hair which is quite common in south India. But my hair, It is dry and frizzy which refuses to behave . Managing my hair means special care and lots of pampering  to look silky and Shiny. And  boy this pampering is a pricey affair, I spend loads on radiating my crowning glory.
My hair care Expenses:
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner (both deep conditioner and leave in conditioner)
  • Colouring
  • Straightener (add heat styling crème to that)
  • Hair Spray (Volumizing spray and hair holding spray)
  • hair dryers
  • Combs and hair brushes
  • Silk or Satin pillows to sleep ( it minimizes hair damage people say)
  • Hair Oil: (Olive oil, Castor Oil + Coconut Oil for massage0
  • Hair Cuts (I get this often coz my  fringe keeps growing and falling on my eyes)
The total expenses on my hair every month is more than ten thousand indian rupees and in addition to the money spent I also loose some very precious time of my life just taming my tresses.  Damn don’t you think I need that Recharge for my hair already? One simple sunsilk solution to keep all my hair problems at bay, oh wow this sounds so exciting already.
Recharging my hair will surely recharge my life, because one it will save me money and two it will save me time too. I can use this Extra money and time in so many different ways
  • I haven't done street shopping for like ages fearing damage to my hair. Now time to thrift and have fun bargaining
  • I had spend most most of my money on my hair resulting in no spending's on Make up. Now thanks to Sunsilk ill splurge on Make up to complement my shiny hair.
  • Have a terrace Pizza Party to celebrate my recharged hair
  • Go on a holiday to Goa. Enjoy the beaches like never before, no worry of sun damaging my hair.
  • Buy a new Lehenga for cousins sangeet party and dance to a remixed version of the song “ Yeh Reshmi Zulfen “ without worrying about my hair going hay wire during the performance.
  • I used to spend about half an hour taming my hair in the morning daily but now I will use the same time to do jogging and  feel the serene morning breeze in my hair. Oh such a blissful feeling , no worries of hair going messy.
  • Upload New Display pictures to facebook and twitter daily. because recharged hair means fabulous pictures captured without much effort!
  • SALE season is on… I will use the extra money to splurge on my favourite brands. shopping here I come with my shiney tresses on!
  • With the money saved I will adopt a child’s education via vision India and maybe even spend some time with children in an orpahnage and give them gyaan on my secret hair shine.
My hair demands freedom from application of those zillion products, I need a Recharge badly to put an end to all my hair problems
This is an entry to Recharge your hair contest on indiblogger sponsered by Sunsilk .Visit Sunsilk on their Facebook Page to find Real hair Recharging tricks.

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