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Smartphones population is fast increasing, They are such an important part of our lives, imagining even a day without them is difficult. Smartphones are really smart because of their apps. Mobile apps are a virtual part of digital revolution that is happening over the years. These apps are being adopted by people of all ages infinitely quickly simply because they make our life easy. Already my Phone is my calculator, calendar, watch,  email and web portal, camera,  music player,  flashlight and, of course, phone.  It may soon be my  credit card and more. What iam trying to say is , smartphone and apps have great potential  If used right they can gear a Change , a Positive Change for a better nation.
Why Social mobile apps are the best medium to connect and inspire youth :
  • According to areport, smartphone users in India are expected to grow to 67 million this year and 382 million by 2016.
  • Of India’s >160 mn Internet users, 86 mn access Internet using their mobile devices and mobile is the 1st experience of the internet for over 50% of Indians.
  • Younger Smartphone  users (15-25 yrs old) spend more than 3 hrs per day on their phones and spend 60% of the time on entertainment & browsing e.g., gaming, surfing the net and multimedia.
  • 68% of 15-24 year olds used a chat app last month as compared to 42% for the 31+ year olds; and
Social Media has become a strong medium to connect, share and care. Obama used social media to gain edge over his other competitors and he rose above all to emerge victorious.. Even during the recent Delhi gang rapes People used twitter and facebook to vent out their outrage and plan protests demanding justice. The same medium can be used to inspire and mobilize India's youth to vote in the Indian General Elections 2014.
How to use Social media apps to inspire youth of India :
Election cards: Most people don’t vote because they do not have a voting card or they do not even have their name in electoral Rolls. Social Media Apps can be used to spread information of  places making election cards. Address of these places can be marked on googlemaps and shared via apps like wechat, tweetcaster and facebook to help people get their voter ID cards . Infact Election Commotion should use wechat to address many voter ID and electorla enrollment issues. These days everyone has a wechat account. Election commition can have an account too. They can use their accounts to list all Voting booths, information of requirements to apply for a voter ID card etc.
Inked finger Twibbon Campaign .:

A Twibbon Campaign is your very own microsite where users can support your cause, brand or organisation in a variety of ways.

Twibbons are ribbons for Display pics. I will make an inked finger twibbon and attach it to my Display Pics and encourage others to do the same. This will increase awareness among youth in addition to reminding and inspiring youth to vote every time they put their eyes on my DP
Why Vote? :
Todays generation thinks of voting as a waste of time and energy.  But we need to tell this generation that if you do not Vote for the right candidate you have no right to crib about things like potholes, inflation etc.  I will use social mobile apps to send across messages
“Cast your vote only then  you have right to raise your voice against isssues” Sure people who voted may not have brought any prominent change, but they did do their bit  for a better india.
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi
Viral Campaign:
On Twitter: Id spam my Timeline on Twitter. With repeated status updates of why to vote, where to vote, Facts, figures, statistics everything possible because more tweets means better chances of trending across India. I would take help of my 5000 odd followers make this #voteforIndia campaign trending topic so the twitter savvy youth take notice, gain inspiration and go out and VOTE.
Youtube: Make some videos with me singing songs like this and make it viral on Youtube. Yo iam gonna rock baby.
vote 4 india
Wechat: This is such a strong medium Its broadcast and voice chat features can be used to debate and discuss politics which inturn inspires youth to go out and vote for change.
Google+ Hangout: I will use google plus hangouts to have  group video conversations with friends have debates and discussions about current issues and record this entire session directly to YouTube and share to make it viral.
Circulate Information:
Social media apps is the easiest way to reach a large number of people without much hassles. So it easier to circulate statistics and facts via this medium. Id Use these apps to spread information like this “ during 2013 Delhi assembly elections there was 67% turnout. Which means 33% people did NOT vote. Delhi was in a serious mess for the last couple of years especially from  The women safety front and people desperately needed a Change . Still people did not go out and vote. This meant the Aam Admi party did not get Majority and had to seek help of congress to form a government in Delhi. If The entire Delhi had voted the results could have been different. “
Generate excitement:
The First reaction when we hear the world “Election” is Boring. Infact when I read heard bout this contest I was like what fabulous prizes and what Yawn-Yawn topic.  I mean how many of us actually real news about politics? Don’t we just skip to page 3 for juicy gossip. To inspire youth we need to build excitement regarding elections especially among first time voters. Excitement can be built  by brands like wechat and Jaago re who can have election related contests on social mobile apps and give away goodies.
Personally I will Vote early in the morning and show off my inked finger photos on facebook, wechat and twitter. Maybe even use it as my display pic to inspire and excite others on my network. In addition to this I will post inspiring oneliners to as status update to generate excitement. One liners like

Countdown to Voting day:
Reminding people to vote and keep the excitement up until the D day is very important. I will have  a 30 day countdown to Voting day as my wechat and facebook status update . This will be super fun, I can feel the excitement like NOW. Elections Where Art Thou? Come soon This year it is going to Be fun ride
Ive read this somewhere on internet :vote2
We sure are Wechat generation, but we will turn into WeVote Generation too because koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota use perfect banana padta hai... and we will be the CHANGE!.
A journey of thousand miles begins with a Single step and I will Take that First step.

This post is an entry for Indian General Elections 2014 with Social Mobile Apps contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by WeChat

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