Beautifying My Home

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Home to Me is a pain reliever. It relieves me of all days pain when I put my first step in it.  Bonds, emotions, memories are what make a house Home, but the bricks, décor and designing is equally important to live stress free .
Having a beautiful home isnt very difficult or expensive. You can easily transform your present home to a dream home by giving it a  makeover with different quirky colours  and textures  to make it look Super Wow. Asian Paints Now make this task Hassle free and budget friendly with their all new Asian Paints Home Solutions services.
Ways to Beautify existing Home:
  • The Bed: Bed is an important part of our home as it gives warmth relieves stress and lends peace and serinity.I suggest make it warmer and luxurious  with Curtain rods around it .  It is amazing how beautiful and stylish a bedroom can look just with the curtains around the bed. and it isnt very expensive too. All you need is curtain rods and floor length curtains to enter a room of luxury, call it your own!

  • The walls: Photo art on the walls would be great cost effective idea and it can also give a personalized feeling
1st year canvas. One large image, lots of small squared images mod-podged onto a canvas. A way to use and display so many of the pictures just hidden away on my hard drive! Do this for both kids! Hang in the upstairs hallway.
  • Garden: Give your backyard garden a makeover.
Stones around raised garden beds. Love this idea for a vegetable garden.
Staircase: Give a new look to the stairs. Paint them or change the flooring.
Shabby Chic ♥ Staircase
Repaint: Painting your home in different colours and textures can change its look and transform it to a whole new level. Try asian paints home solutions they have many ways to make your home look beautiful make you home look like never before.Look below how asian paints ahs given a complete makeover just by using different paints and textures.

Asian paints have this innovtaive way to play with textures

Asian paints have some Real great Kids room ideas.

Don’t these pictures tempt you to get your  house painted like NOW? I have wedding ion my family coming up and I know just whom to contact to get it glowing to suit the festive ambiance. Asian paints rock since like forever.

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