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50 styles for my hair

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Always a Harry Potter Fan (who isnt?) I was baffled when Emma watson got the Pixie cut. At first I hated that cut on Emma because she was Herimone for me and I couldn’t picturize Herimone in that pixie cut. But the more I saw the more I liked it .
I realized that Emma had her own life and she could go play with her hair in whatever way she wants. And when this realization hit me I wanted to play with my hair too, I wanted to try all sorts of whacky things with my hair starting with a Pixie cut. But but life isnt a bed of roses mom reminded. She did not want me to play irresponsibly with my hair and loose them forever. She was right actually , my hair isnt silky smooth and wow or something like that. My hair to start with is dry, split end prone and wavy. I keep my hair away from heat (curlers and straighteners) and never even leave it open let alone play with it !
Sigh . Sigh… *plan to play with hair dropped* lemme play Angry birds instead!
And then I saw this #doveplay video

I fell in love with my hair again thanks to Dove, Now I can experiment and Go play with it befikar(without worries) . So How am I going to play with my hair?
To start with I want a pixie cut (yes, yes big HP loyalist) Not exactly that short Pixie cut , i want it to be a bit long and layered pixie cut. Something like this

Id also love to colour my hair, in an unconventional hair colour. It is Priyanka Choapras Look in that flop film Love story 2050 which inspires me for this experiment . I have never coloured my hair ever, Mom always forbid me from using those harsh chemicals, ive only gone as far as natural heena but now that dove is here why Fear? Oh and how hatke and futuristic does that look?

Id love to style my hair several other quirky ways and get eyes turn on to my crowning glory. Yeah I really wanna go all Crazy with my tresses. Here is a sneak peak into what all game me and my hair are gonna play soon Open-mouthed smile
Cover My eyes with hair, who needs a hijab now dude!
Trendy Short Hair for Women | 2013 Short Haircut for Women
Oh my, this dual toned hair style is so fabulous. Are you feeling blue. Me defnitely not. Love.
My Little Pony colours.
Fishtail braids are what ive worn all my life time for new ponytails braids.
It is always a great thing to look attractive anywhere you find yourself. PONYTAILS are some of the ways through which you could make yourself stand out. These are the 9 ways to wear PONYTAIL HAIRSTYLES: (all are in the page with some video tutorials)
Now this is called Real Hair PLay, Basket weave on hair how fun
basket weave
and lastly id really really love to try this hair do. The colour the curls, so feminine and chic. Perfect. I want it.
(Pic Credits: 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5,6, 7)
(This is an entry for #doveplay contest on Indiblogger in assosiation with Dove. Watch this video for more)

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