And I finally win on indiblogger!

7:38 PM

Ive been associated with indiblogger ever since I started blogging and that is like years ago, 7 years to be precise and it has been a great journey. They have provided some great traffic to my blog and ive discovered some great blogs through them. But I have always been unlucky in indiblogger contests. Unlucky may not be the right word maybe I should use I havent been able to crack blogging contests .
But all tha is now a thing of past now because my first win has finally come through. I won not one but 2 contests (#voteforindia by wechat and #doveplay contes) and this is a celebration post of sorts Smile with tongue out. Not won anything big what the hell ive been winning loads on Facebook and twitter and never winning on indiblogger was like always at the back of my mind so this is a Huge victory for me.
Join me as I celebrate.
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